Isnin, 16 September 2013

DiGi Internet Broadband Prepaid Plan RM1/Day

 DiGi Internet Broadband Prepaid Plan RM1/Day or RM100 for 100 days. I saw the DiGi internet broadband huge billboard advertisement today at one of the roundabout in Kota Kinabalu city today.

Then I recalled just last week my friend called me to asked about this packages. He was asking me where to get the sim card for the DiGi internet broadband prepaid plan of RM1/Day.

The beauty of this particular DiGi internet broadband prepaid plan is that it is considered very cheap. Paying DiGi RM1/day for unlimited internet access is something you should not let go. It is actually a very good internet prepaid plan from DiGi

I bought the new DiGi internet prepaid plan but not as cheap as the DiGi internet prepaid plan RM1/day. So it is not difficult to understand if there are still many people out there looking for it.

So without hesitating I told him to look for it at any of the mobile phone shop.

I was looking for this DiGi internet plan for broadband since last week but all the vendors or the mobile phone shops informed me that it is no longer being sold.

They said DiGi already stopped that particular internet broadband prepaid plan.

And why the huge billboard is still standing there sending a false message to costumers.

I'm sure there are many people looking for that DiGi internet broadband prepaid plan and sadly it will be such a waste of time.

It was very disappointing to think DiGi did not took down those big billboards with the false information and wasting many people's time looking for it when it is no longer being sold.

Well maybe DiGi will come back with the plan in the future or a better Digi internet broadband prepaid plan, just maybe.

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