Rabu, 18 Disember 2013

Is It So Difficult to Forgive?

I had been thinking about forgiving several people in my life. These people are supposed to be so close to me, in fact some of them are my family members.

But they did something that really hurt me in the past and they are still doing so (intentionally or unintentionally) up to today. That makes is very difficult to forgive.

I'm a Christian. Bible teaches us about 'Forgiveness' and 'Love'. I supposed to follow/adhere what was written in the Bible otherwise I'm not qualified to be a Christian.

But saying is easier than doing it. I still felt that forgiving other people seems so hard to do. Is it my fault or it is their fault?

I cannot control them, but certianly I can control myself. I must change the way I look, think and talk with them. Probably, I must be one who will need to change first before I can forgive them.

Christmas is just around the corner. I feel that I'm not qualified to celebrate it before I forgive those who needed to be forgiven. It is time to think about more forgiveness and love.

So I forgive them. I want to set myself free negative thinking from now on. 

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