Isnin, 16 Disember 2013

Journal of Life

It seems that I will need to fine-tuned several things in my life. Things that is important and needed some changes probably to the better.

Firstly, I have decided that I will transform this blog of mine to become my 'Journal of My Life'. That is simply means that I will use this blog from now on more as a diary of life. The only different is whatever I wrote here is accessible to anybody. You may comment, criticize, or recommend suggestions. Don't hesitate to write any comments. I will certainly welcomed all the comments. 

Secondly, blog was originally intended to function like an online journal where you may write, update, ad-ons new items anytime. So I will treat this blog of mine just that  'A Journal of My Life'

I will take 15 minutes everyday (or whenever possible) to write something (going on) about my life here. Thing like my opinion on certian issues in my life, events, future plan or and so on. 

Ok enough of blubbering for today... I am getting started to work. Have a nice day guys!

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