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Kuok Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship Awards (Malaysian & Singapore Public Universities)

Kuok Foundation undergraduate scholarship awards is now again available this year. It is open for all interested, qualified and deserving student in Malaysia to apply.

To apply for this scholarship you may download the online form through the link given here. Read on for more information and how to apply for this scholarship.

The followings are some information about this scholarship opportunity.

Scholarship Info
Kuok Foundation Berhad invites applications from Malaysian citizens applying for or currently pursuing full time undergraduate studies.

Deadline : Apr 18, 2014

Criteria and general requirements
a. Malaysian citizen
b. Good academic qualifications
c. Coming from a household earning less than RM3,000
d. Only undergraduates/ prospective undergraduates reading for full-time first degree courses are eligible to apply.

Kuok Keng Kang Scholarships - for undergraduate studies at Malaysian public universities
• Deserving students with excellent academic achievements
• Strong leadership qualities
• Active participation in extra-curricular activities

KF Half-Loan Half-Grant Awards
• Need students with good academic and non-academic achievements
Note: Students studying diploma, off-campus, matriculation and foundation courses are not eligible to apply for the above.

Preferred Discipline 
• Medicine
• Dentistry
• Science and Arts based courses

Kuok Keng Kang Scholarships
• RM12,000 per year

KF Half-Loan Half-Grant Awards
• RM10,000-RM12,000 per year (Malaysian universities)
• RM20,000-RM28,000 per year (Singapore universities)

How to Apply
1. Download application forms here
2. Instructions can be viewed here
3. Send the completed form to:

Kuok Foundation Berhad (undergraduate awards 2014)
Letter Box No. 110, 16th Floor UBN Tower
No. 10 Jalan P. Ramlee, 50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-27118428
Fax: +603-27250128
Email: general@kuokfoundation.com


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