Rabu, 19 Mac 2014

Pay RM1 for a foundation course with Stamford College Scholarship

I think this opportunity is one of the most interesting item that I wish to share with you. Student who are looking for place to do their Foundation Course should consider this offer seriously now. Scholarship is available and Stamford College is of one the oldest and the best private college in Malaysia.

College foundations will no longer be expensive. For just RM1, a student can take a course of his choice at Stamford College. 

This is made possible through an arrangement done by IRIS Corporation Bhd, Stamford College and the Federation University Australia.

Called the Higher Education 1Malaysia (he1m) programme, this is open to all students who are interested to pursue diploma or degree in Business, Hospitality, Law, Applied Management, Information Technology or Accounting and Finance at Stamford College.

To qualify for any diploma course, students must have at least three SPM credits. Students who have five SPM credits can pursue a degree course. This year, the first 64 registrants for the next foundation year intake are entitled for this RM1 offer.

Upon completion of the foundation course, Stamford will assist students with their National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) loan applications.  The college will also absorb any balance of fees payment between the PTPTN loan and the diploma or degree course fees.

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