Sabtu, 31 Mei 2014

Google Rangking for Press Release Sites Drop After Panda 4.0

Few days ago it was reported in one of the webportal Search Engine Land that Google Ranking many press release sited may have dropped after Panda 4.0 upadtes. Many of them losing between 60% to 80% of SEO visibility in Google search engine.

If that report is true than it is also an indication that Google is no longer sees Press Release Sites as important sources of information. If you are thinking about setting up a press release sites, think about it again and that probably not be a good idea after this Panda 4.0

It was highly suspected that the huge Google Ranking for those sites came after the Google Panda 4.0 update. The real reasons for the drop still unclear so far but many websites or blog owners believe that it was about links flowing from those press releases and not nesessarily the issue with duplicative nature of content.

Anyway, let hope that the Google Panda 4.0 will not going to hit this blog so hard. We are begging for mercy from Google Panda 4.0

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