Khamis, 27 Disember 2018

Adwords On Blogger Dashboard

Just recently, I noticed that Google have added new tools on its blogger dashboard. It is the Adwords, where blogger can advertise their blogger using Adwords from their blogger dashboard. They name this new items as "Campigns".

It comes with no surprise to me as blogger and online marketer like us are following and observing and analyzing trends.

It seems that Adsense publishers are greatly effected by declining Adwords users, less and less Adsense ads appear on blogs and website and eventually making it hard for publishers to make any money from Adsense.

Many publisher now are already thinking about looking for other source of ads platform to make money from their blog or website. Why don't you try affiliate marketing and one of the best out there is promoting Forex Affiliate. In my case, I do for XM Forex and so far the result is pretty encouraging.

You your blog is all about money making online, promoting affiliate products could be one of your best option, considering make money with adsense now is getting harder when people become more and more ads blind!

If this continue nobody will host/publish any adsense ads anymore and it will eventually killing Adwords. Adwords and Adsense is one of Google biggest source of revenue. As a big company I believe Google noticed about it. 

They are doing something about it. And if Google is about to revive Adsense, they got to do it fast.

To begin with, Google add on Adwords on blogger dashboard so to encourage blogger to promote their blogger using Adwords to readers.

There are millions of blogger blogs and user out there and many of them do not even know anything about Adwords. So I think this is a smart move to make sure both Adwords and Adsense stay alive and kicking. At least there is still hopes.

Anda mungkin berminat dengan maklumat-maklumat berkaitan di bawah yang menyediakan info dan rujukan untuk forex trader

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