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The Best of Travelling in Hanoi Vietnam - Part 1

It is July 2014, now too long from now will be the month of December 2014. It is about the same time I was planning to visit Hanoi, Vietnam in 2012. But the experienced travelling in Hanoi was still fresh in my mind.

Visiting the city of Hanoi was one of the best trip I ever did. If you happened to visit Hanoi the best thing to to do is touring the city for shopping but I am not travelling for shopping. I love going out of the city to see the people outside the city.

I spent my first day in Hanoi touring around the French Old Quarter area in Hanoi. I think this is where most travelers and tourists will come and stay to enjoy the city of Hanoi.

After a day in Hanoi, I booked my bus ticket to Lang Son a city situated very near to Chinese border. The journey took me about 5-6 hours, on a very crowded van with so much stops along the journey. Tiring ride with the local which I don't understand a thing in their language. 

At one point the bus conductor a young lady asked me to pay for the ride which I already paid through the hotel staff in Hanoi, may be she forgotten about it after a few hours when new passengers keep changing at every stops along the road. I told her that it is paid but she couldn't understand a thing in English and the same with me, don't understand a thing in Vietnamese. Luckily after sometimes she gave up and maybe somebody translated something for her. Huhu...
Now arrived in Lang Son City, looking for hotel. It seems the real problem for me was language. I checked in to Dong Kin Hotel after much usages of hand sign. Nobody at the reception counter able to speak or write in English. I was fortunate to be able to get myself a decent room for that night.

Now the next thing is looking for dinner. People are selling food everywhere. Just outside the hotel the night market was already started. The issue was still the language. I went into a decent looking restaurant trying to order a dinner for me. The owner do not speak English, I did all the hand signs to explain what I need but he was just standing there looking at me with confused face, blank eyes and eventually shook his head and with a hand sign pointing to the exit door. What a hard and difficult day. Argghhh....

KFC and McDonald was nowhere to be seen to save the day.  I walk about 1km and found an outlet looks like a bistro with many young people coming in and out. I took a quick look inside and found out that it was actually a restaurant. I talked with one of the staff and he can speak some English, good enough to get my order. They have a menu in English! Yay!!!

To be continued....

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