Khamis, 29 Januari 2015

How I Get Article Writer For My Blog

It appears that the last time I updated this blog was several months ago. And the only reason I can put forward for the lack of updates for this blog is that I'm lazy. You heard it right, lazy will kill your blog. 

It probably not an instant death penalty for your blog but it will slowly kill your blog for sure. Actually, the other reason for not being able to update this page regularly is that I failed to identify the real purpose or direction of this blog.

What am I going to do with it? Turning it into a money making blog like some people do or using it to practice my writing? There are many people out there are making money from their sites. I don't have exact figure for but I believe that in Malaysia there are many people left their 9-6 job to make money online.

Some of them that I know are making RM15-RM20K per month from affiliate marketing, some are earning some decent amount of money from Google Adsense (GA). But there are also countless who are losing money in their attempt to make money online.

Just yesterday I bought a book (e-book) about how to make money online with Adsense. I haven't really had the time to go through the book so I can't talk much about it for now. This e-book is written by a Malaysia and it is in Malaysian Language (Bahasa Malaysia)

If you want to get a glimpse of the book visit >>> Adsense Wealthy Sense Coaching.

I shall talk more about that e-book in my next posting, give me sometime to read it carefully.

Now, if your blog is dying, and you are so damn lazy to lift a finger to type a new blog post here is what you should do. Hire a writer for your blog. 

Wait! Im not telling you here that you stopped writing for your blog all together, what I am saying is that hired writer will fill the gap a period when you are not able to create any new content for your blog.

I found one, I will introduce here to you soon. She is the proud owner of Fayl Creative Living blog. Her blog is where she pen down her crafting activities and updates. 

How I came across with her? I revisited all my facebook friend list and I contacted them to ask for help. Hehehe

But there is no free lunch. Nobody is writing for you for free. Job done comes with price, so you will have  to be ready to fork out some dollar for it.

Don't complen when you are spending money on it. It is because you are lazy to blog so be prepare to pay the cost. Anyway, there is thousands of blog out there are using a hired writer. 

Hiring a writer to write for you blog is not new! 

Anda mungkin berminat dengan maklumat-maklumat berkaitan di bawah yang menyediakan info dan rujukan untuk forex trader

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