Sabtu, 31 Januari 2015

Latest RON95 RON97 And Diesel Prices for February 2015

I think this is a good news. The prices for RON95 RON97 And Diesel for the month of February 2015 will go down again. This new prices will be announced on 31st January 2015 by KPDNKK.

It is lower as compared to the month of January 2015.

Here is the prices of RON95 RON97 and Diesel for January 2015.
1. RON95: RM1.91 Sen Seliter
2. RON97: RM2.11 Sen Seliter
3. Diesel: RM1.93 Sen Seliter

And the following is the prices of RON95 RON97 and Diesel for February 2015 (unofficial)
1. RON95: RM 1.63 Sen Seliter
2. RON97: RM 1.67 Sen Seliter
3. Diesel: RM 1.62 Sen Seliter

OK, It seems that is getting cheaper to fill up you gas tank.

However remember what happened when the government increase the prices in the past? The prices of goods will also increase. Now that the prices of fuel has been reduced, can we expect that the prices of goods especially those important one such as rice, sugar, cooking oils just to name a few will also be reduced?

I think the only thing we can do is to take this opportunity to save some money. 

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