Jumaat, 30 Januari 2015

Panduan Cara Semakan Keputusan BR1M 2015

A friend told me yesterday that his BR1M is already credited into his bank account. He was happy and paid for my breakfast. Many thanks to him for the nice breakfast. I told him that I'm not sure whether or not my BR1M is approved. To which he asked to check. After some simple research I found out that we can check BR1M result through a number of ways.

Here is how you can check your BR1M 2015 result.

1. Wait for the letter from BR1M. But this is only for those who have a reachable home address. It will takes weeks or even months for the letter to arrive so, my recommendation it "don't wait for the letter".

2. BR1M hotline phone number.  Call the nearest LHDN office to get the number. There should have somebody taking care the incoming call, anything related to BR1M. I strongly recommend this one. You can hear the answer and talk with the BR1M officer. BUT the last time, I called them 5 times before somebody picked up the call.

3. Email BR1M. I think email is one of the option but considering the huge number of incoming email, I don't think they will reply your email immediately. Maybe they don't even read it? I'm sure they will but waiting for them to reply your email is probably time consuming. 

4. Check BR1M result online. I think the is the best. It is simple, fast and cheap. You may check  BR1M result through the following webportal

For those who are eligible for the BR1M, government will credit the money directly into your account. So all you should do it check your bank account balance. If there is some extra RM300 then it should be from BR1M.

Should be thanked the government for this BR1M handsout? Reserve the answer to yourself.

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