Isnin, 2 Februari 2015

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Writing a review for other people blog is one thing I don't normally do. Seriously I don't have time to go through people blog, what more, to write something nice about it.

But there is always a first time for everything. This time I do it, not because of getting paid for the review but because I find it good to mentioned a blog which is useful for people. Here I am talking about this blog

This blog actually owned by someone whom I know. He started this blog 3 years ago, giving latest education news, students guides and tips, scholarship listing and updates of anything related to education in Malaysia.

Today this blog has become one of the biggest education blog in Malaysia with large number of daily visitors and readership communities. The last time I checked, this blog is enjoying around 400K-500K monthly visitor. 

PendidikanMalaysia.Com is udated daily with new contents as well as latest updates on old contents. Having said so, it is safe to assume that this blog is one of the most up-to-date Malaysia Education Blog.

According to the blog admin, there are willing to host/publish any articles, anything related to education for free. This offer is opened to any public or private education institutions or organisation. All you have to do is to send your article to them and they will published it in their webpage. 

Ok, so enough said for that blog. If you are interested to contact them, email them at 

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