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Traveling by bus from Ho Chi Minh to Bangkok

Traveling by bus from Ho Chi Minh to Bangkok is one thing I've been thinking of doing but until now had not have the change to actually go ahead to do it. I was thinking about how many days does it takes to complete the journey.

I traveled to several Asean countries. Visiting Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar will complete it. Well Myanmar probably will be the last one since the country still not so fully open to tourist? I don't know, will need to do some research about it.

So I planning to do it this year the plan to Traveling by bus from Ho Chi Minh to Bangkok is still in the list. The plan is to fly into Ho Chi Minh a.k.a Saigon city, tour the city for around 3 days then get a bus to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, travel up to Siem Reap, back down to Phnom Penh then cross over to to Bangkok.

From Bangkok get  the train to Butterworth, Penang to fly out back to Kota Kinabalu. 

That sounds too easy right?

But that will cost me probably 15 days or more to complete the leg...and since I'm tied up to my 9 to 6 job that would be a problem for me. The company I'm attached to at the moment will not be in approval of this idea. Should I just resign from my current job? Hehehe

Traveling by bus from Ho Chi Minh to Bangkok is probably the best thing to do before ditching backpacking from the list of to do thing in my life.

Well, I probably still travel but as a tourist and not a backpacker after that.

How about the cost traveling by bus from Ho Chi Minh to Bangkok?

I think it is not going to be so expensive. Traveling by bus, staying in a backpacker hostel will not going to make a big blows in your pocket...but that depend on you. If you do much shopping, staying in a five stars hotel then it is going to be expensive.

May be some of you did this journey traveling by bus from Ho Chi Minh to Bangkok? Please share your experiences here at the comment section. I know there are other people including myself  looking forward to read it. I need all the information and your inputs are seriously needed.

I'm planning go for it this coming October 2015. I will write about it in great details in my next posting about it. Stay tuned.

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