Selasa, 21 Julai 2015

Sudden Drop In Website Earnings July 2015

Sudden drop in website earnings for July 2015. I received notification from one of my online earning platform today. 

They inform me that the earnings from my website drop by 74%. It is a big drop!

On the other note I'm glad that they are actually doing their job monitoring my site and always informing my if there are somethings doesn't looks too good with my site.

So they asked me to investigate what could be the reasons behind the big fall on my website earning. 

I think I know the answer.

I believe many website owners in Malaysia experiences the same problem this months. Big drop in their website earnings.

I have been monitoring my site traffics all this while and I came to know several things;

a. My website traffics and earning drop every weekends. It seems people are not in front of their computer during a weekend. May be the people are spending more time with family or they are traveling back to their kampungs where internet access are not available.

b. My website traffics and earning drop every time during a public holiday.  Since last week until this week people are in a Hari Raya mode. Many are traveling back to their kampungs and visiting friends and relatives. So not much internet activities during a festive season. People are busy visiting each others houses which is actually a very good thing.

c. Every niches has their own so called "low" season. During a low season your website traffic will drop and so does your earnings.

d. Google search engine updates.

In my case this time around, I think it is because of the festive season.

So it is expected to see the sudden drop in website earnings this month. I think this is the real reason why my website earnings dropped. A 74% drop is huge and definitely my website earnings will be very much lesser this month.

Do you have any idea to how to overcome this problem? If you do please share them here.

I think internet access throughout the country needs to be improved. There are so many places without internet access and we are talking about coming to a developed country status by 2020?

So that is the reason for the sudden drop in website earning this month July 2015.

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