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Mobile IT Services In Kota Kinabalu - Jdile Techsys

Mobile IT Services In Kota Kinabalu (Jdile Techsys) - Last two weeks I called up this guy a friend of mine, which is also the owner of Jdile Techsys IT Services to come to my workplace to take my computer for services.

Jdile Techsys is one of the most trusted and reliable mobile computer services in Kota Kinabalu. The motto is "Techsys IT Services, We Come To Serve You' screaming loud on their Facebook Fanpage banner.

Mobile Computer Services In Kota Kinabalu

He is providing a mobile computer services, he is willing to come to you house, office or shop to do the job. The best thing is he is also giving free advises such as how to avoid your computer from overheated, install the correct software and many more.

Two days ago he informed me that my computer is having a serious problem. It is like what.... motherboard hangkang... to repair it will cost me almost the same price to buy a new Laptop. He asked me whether or not to proceed to repair it.

Off course my answer is a big NO! I rather go and buy a new Laptop.

So I asked him is he is interested to buy that 'hangkang' Laptop. He said No! but I insisted and told him maybe there are still some components or parts from that Laptop that still good and can be used.

Eventually, he agreed to buy it at the price of RM200. Fair enough... in fact I think it was a very good deal.

So if you are in great need of computer services you can visit his Facebook Fanpage. Send im a private message or contact him.

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