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FREE Seminar Forex Malaysia Di Kuala Lumpur & Penang Sesi February 2019

Free Seminar Forex Malaysia untuk sesi 2019 Seminar ini diadakan untuk memberi tunjuk ajar dan dan panduan secara percuma kepada semua trader forex di Malaysia.

Anda dipelawa untuk menyertai XM Forex Malaysia Partner Program di mana anda akan berpeluang menjana pendapatan melalui online sebagai XM Affiliates. Daftar di sini

Terkini: Free Seminar Forex (Percuma) XM di Kuala Lumpur - Tinggal 20 Tempat Untuk Seminar Percuma edisi Kuala Lumpur. Kepada yang belum mendaftar silan daftar segera hari ini!

Date:23 February 2019
Time:10:00 - 17:00
Venue: Hotel Royal Penang (View Map)
Address: 3, Jalan Larut, 10050 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Instructor: Mohd Helmi Izani
Language: Malay

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The seminar is free to join. Please note that in order to register for our seminar, you are required to maintain a real account. If you do not have a real account yet, you can open an account here.

Topik Yang anda akan pelajari semasa seminar percuma ini.
We are pleased to invite beginner and more seasoned online traders for our seminar designed to impart practical knowledge about swing trading techniques that can be used long term to achieve more consistent trading results.
During our seminar, all existing and new XM clients who join the event will learn about why swing trading is such a popular trading style, what distinguishes it from day trading, and what techniques are at hand that help online investors take advantage of short-term price action when trading in different financial instruments.
After you gain a clear overview of how the global markets work and the factors that affect trending and price movements, you will understand why it is important to use technical analysis. We will dedicate considerable time to explain the importance of support-resistance levels, how you can interpret multi-day chart patterns, which indicators you can use to follow trends and identify strong vs weak trending instruments, how you can analyse price patterns, and how you can apply correct position sizing to minimize risk.
You will also have the opportunity to learn how to use Fibonacci, including the Fibonacci retracement, the Fibonacci fan and the Fibonacci time zones, as well as the Avramis Swing Indicator and the Avramis Trend Reversal Indicator in order to assess trend strength, plan your entry and exit points, as well as manage risk with stop and profit orders.

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