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Sabtu, 5 Mac 2011

Sabtu, Mac 05, 2011

Rihanna visits sex shop in Sydney

Rihanna visits sydney sex shop. Raihanna shopping, tour and travel in sydney, australia. Raihanna stayed in the hotel and shop in sydneyRihanna, who is currently touring Australia, has been photographed leaving a sex shop in Sydney. Naughty, naughty, naughty.

According to the Daily Mail, the pop star had two bags of purchases from The Tool Shed, which is located in the city's gay district.

A spokeperson for the store confirmed that Rihanna's visit had been arranged earlier, but refused to reveal what was in the bags, saying "I can't say what Rihanna did or what she bought - it's top-secret."


Isnin, 28 Februari 2011

Isnin, Februari 28, 2011

RM10m to see LiLo in the buff

LiLo in the buff showIf troubled Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan hopes to shed her bad girl reputation, she’s got a funny way of going about it.

Blacklisted by the movie industry following a string of misdemeanours and trips to rehab, LiLo (who was recently back in court charged with nicking a gold necklace, which she denies) has just signed her first major comeback deal.

The Mean Girls star, 24, has signed an estimated £2.1million (RM10million) deal to front an explicit photographic book which will contain "full frontal nudity" and "graphic" shots. Nice.

For the, ahem, hardback sex tome, LiLo will be getting her kit off and posing for photos with former squeeze James Franco, 32.

They will be working with US snapper Terry Richardson – the man behind Lady Gaga’s controversial naked shoot to advertise Supreme clothing.

A source says: “Lindsay is struggling to get another break in Hollywood. There’s a stigma attached to working with her and she is determined to change this – starting with the photographic book.

"Terry Richardson has persuaded Lindsay and James to get involved. He has assured them it will be provocative but tasteful."

"There will be a lot of nakedness – some of it graphic and suggestive – but it will be a real statement book."

"Obviously there will be comparisons to Madonna’s 1992 Sex book. But James and Lindsay believe theirs will be classier."

LiLo is also doing a tell-all US TV interview with David Letterman in April.

The source adds: "Lindsay wants people to see the real her, not this drunken, out of control caricature she has become." We’ll certainly see a lot of her when the book comes out.
Source: Daily Mirror

Ahad, 27 Februari 2011

Ahad, Februari 27, 2011

Daphne Iking convert to Islam

Daphne Iking convert to IslamSo now it is confirmed that Daphne Iking is a muslim. I saw a sudden surge on this issues on the internet when there are so many websites and blogs are publishing stories about Daphne Iking convert to Islam.

It was also reported that she had remarried again with a Malay guy by the name Azmi Abdul Rahman or better known in entertainment industry as Joe. Since it is all confirmed already so it is no longer a puzzle about Daphne Iking marital status.

Daphne Iking muslim name is Dahlia Iking and I think we should now get used to her new name.

We hope that Daphne Iking or Dahlia Iking will be blessed even more. All the best for her and we as her supporter should accept this news with open mind. Everybody has their right to choose whatever religion in our life. It should not be a big issue.

More info about Daphne Iking convert to Islam
Source: Daily Express

Kuala Lumpur: Daphne Eleanor Iking- lately the centre of controversy in Malaysia's first known case of enticing - has confirmed Internet rumours that she has converted to Islam and married businessman Azmi Abdul Rahman.

"We were introduced through mutual friends and we are business partners," she said, while reluctant to divulge more details.

"He is a businessman and keeps a low profile, so he prefers not to be interviewed or to be in the spotlight," she said.

"When we decided to get married, naturally, conversion was a big issue.

It took me some time because I did not want to convert simply for the sake of marriage alone."

Daphne felt she was ready to take the plunge last December and embraced Islam. Both this and the solemnisation ceremony, or akad nikah, were held on Jan. 8.

"A small celebration was held after the nikah with my family in my hometown with my nearest and dearest."

Daphne, 32, was a party in a court case in which her former husband, Ryan Chong Yiing Yih, 33, filed a private summons against corporate figure Darren Choy Khin Ming, 46, under Section 498 of the Penal Code for "enticing or taking away or detaining with a criminal intent a married woman".

She has a child, four-year-old Isobel Daniella Iking.

"My extended family in the ntv7 production team and fellow actresses were in the know."

Being her second attempt at marriage, Daphne said she thought the actual marriage was more important than the wedding itself.

Sabtu, 26 Februari 2011

Sabtu, Februari 26, 2011

Dahlia Eleanor Iking is Daphne Iking muslim name

Dahlia Eleanor Iking is Daphne Iking muslim nameThe internet was in such a frenzy in this several days when there are so many people are talking about Daphne Iking or now known as Dahlia Eleanor Iking had remarried and converted to muslim faith.

According to some reliable sources Dahlia Eleanor Iking had remarrid to a Malay guy by the name Azmi Abdul Rahman or better known are Joe, a former Managing Director of Redberry Group.

Daphne Iking or Dahlia Eleanor Iking confirmed the news about her married with Azmi Abdul Rahman as well as the news about her converted to Islam.

Congratulations Dahlia Eleanor Iking. We hope that whatever it is, it is the best for you.

Isnin, 14 Februari 2011

Isnin, Februari 14, 2011

Bikini Fasha Sandha! Again???

Bikini Fasha Sandha Bali, Fasha Sandha in Bikini PhotosWhy is that there is so many people looking for bikini Fasha Sandha photos online? I don't see any good reason why we should all so desperately looking for Fasha Sandha on bikini in Bali.

I think this story is already long gone several months back and people are still keep on digging for it online.

Fasha Sandha on bikini is one of the most popular news items on the Google search engine and that will remains so probably in many months more.

Well, nobody will be able to deny that Fasha Sandha is a very beautiful lady and having able to see her in bikini is probably one of the thing that many people looks forward to look at. Certainly, to be honest I'm looking forward for it too but I can't find and bikini Fasha Sandha online.

If there is any I would like to see it too. :)

Rabu, 26 Januari 2011

Rabu, Januari 26, 2011

Fasha Sandha And Jejai Breakup???

Jejai, Nora Danish and Children in JapanI read in the newspaper today that Fasha Sandha and Jejai already breakup. It was a rumors before that the two couldn't get along anymore especially after Jejai came back from family holiday to Japan with his family and former wife Nora Danish.

I think if it is true then it is already expected from the beginning. Jejai made the announcement that he and Fasha Sandha broke up already. Fasha Sandha decline to make any further comment or explanation.

Anyway, let take is with good faith. We believe both Jejai and Fasha Sandha made that decision for the best of both of them.

Khamis, 13 Januari 2011

Khamis, Januari 13, 2011

Marsha Londoh Abortion Gossip

Marsha Londoh Abortion GossipI think Marsha Londoh abortion gossip is still one of the most popular gossip in the internet even after the gossip is long gone. Wild gossip like this sure attract more reader than something more useful information items to the public.

So it seems the public loves lies and gossip? Looking at the trend how people type the keyword 'Marsha Londoh abortion' making me even more convinced that Malaysia loves gossip and lies compared to those educational news items.

Personally I don't have any idea whether or not there is some truth about Marsha Londoh abortion. I think it is just a way to make sure those celebrities magazines sold when people gets attracted to the headlines.

Anyway, Marsha Londoh abortion gossip is just a gossip. That should not be taken seriously and don't waste your time to look for more information about this subject.