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Rabu, 23 Januari 2013

Rabu, Januari 23, 2013

Deep Sea Fishing Mersing Malaysia Hunting Grounds for Marlins and Tenggiri

Deep sea fishing in Mersing Johore has been one of the popular attraction in this part of Johore. If you are looking for a place to go for deep sea fishing, Mersing is the best spot as hunting ground for Marlins and Tenggiri.

Getting to Mersing town in Johore is not that really difficult. The town is well-connected with bus services. 

Deep Sea Fishing Mersing Malaysia Hunting Grounds for Marlins and Tenggiri
Mersing a town located at the mouth of Mersing River north-east of Johor bahru Malaysia used to be a sleep fishing village is now has turned to become a famous fishing destination in Malaysia.
How to get there?

Mersing is an embarkation point for the islands in the Seribuat Archipelago and a regular port of call on the east coastal trade route, Mersing is linked by road inland to Batu Pahat and south to Johor Bahru and Singapore. 

You can go to Mersing by frequent bus services from Larkin Bus Station in Johor, Batu Pahat or from Kuala Lumpur. If you are going to Mersing from Singapore a bus ticket can be purchased for many bus or travel agent in SIngapore. The bus station is at the shopping center "R&R Plaza". That's near the ferry terminal. Once you reach Mersing, hop off the bus, buy the tickets and head for the tropical islands in the South China Sea.

Khamis, 17 November 2011

Khamis, November 17, 2011

Fishing boat charter in Sabah

Without any doubt that Sabah is  well-known as one of the best fishing destination in Malaysia. Very often people  asked me some similar questions such as where to go for fishing in Sabah as well as about fishing boat charter in Sabah.

To answer to those questions, I decided to write about it here in my blog so that the next time someone asks me about that question again, I'll just have to tell them to check it out in  I think there are also some information about fishing in Kudat on which I'm not going to discuss  about this time.

To cut the story short, I went around town to look for credible fishing boat charter company in Kota Kinabalu Sabah. The search around town took me several days before I found one which I'm going to share with you here.

The next time you are in Sabah for fishing trip and if you are looking for fishing boat charters be sure to contact 7 Star Fishing Sabah. This company is running fishing boat charters from Kota Kinabalu city and they are willing to send you out on your fishing games anywhere around Sabah.

The person behind 7 Star Fishing Sabah is Steven and Lee. You may contact them to arrange for your fishing boat and fishing equipment through email or by giving them a call.

I was told that they received quite a lot of fishing trip booking. You are advised to contact them weeks prior to your fishing trip.

Fishing games in Sabah is a must do adventure if you love fishing. The water are clear, the beaches are clean and the fishing boat charter company is very professional. They know the exact spots and the best places where to take you out.

Now I can hear you screaming about the contact details of Seven Star Fishing Sabah. Check out there following contact details.

You may contact them trough email: or give them a call at +6019 810 3689 (Mr. Steven) or +6019 820 9322 (Mr. Lee) otherwise visit their webpage at

Sabtu, 19 Mac 2011

Sabtu, Mac 19, 2011

Fishing boat charter Sabah

I have been receiving e-mail and phone calls about where to get fishing boat charter in Sabah. There are many but mostly fishing boat without license to be use as fishing boat charter for visitor in Kota Kinabalu or any other places in Sabah.Fishing trip,7 star fishing sabah,sport fishing charter kota kinabalu,fishing in sabah waters,, 7 star fishing adventures,deep sea fishing sabah,7starfishingsabah.comI don't recommend those without license. Anything happen to you, you are on your own. I know there are several fishing boat for charter in Sabah for one day or more fishing trips and this company is an experience fishing trip charter in Sabah.

Fishing charter from Kota Kinabalu are available with 7 Star Fishing Sabah. They has been in the business for many years already and so far most of the comments about them are good, except for some comment about the skipper but generally wonderful

I haven't went out fishing with 7 Star Fishing Sabah yet but I'm sure judging from those comments they are the master in this fishing boat charter in Sabah.

You are advised to contact the directly. Please visit their website at or e-mail them at Good luck guys.

Source: Visit here for more about Fishing In Sabah

Sabtu, 13 November 2010

Sabtu, November 13, 2010

Fishing in Kudat

I was looking for some information about fishing in Kudat but not so many information available for this subject at the moment. We will continue to get more information about fishing in Kudat and compile it as your Kudat fishing guides

I think the lack of information about fishing in Kudat is due to the fact that Kudat city is still not widely promoted as a fishing destination in Sabah Malaysia. 

So far we found only one webpage ( that actively  promoting Kudat as a fishing destination as well as tourist destination.

Anyway, since you are here take your time to watch fishing in Kudat video on Youtube.