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Rabu, 7 Disember 2016

Rabu, Disember 07, 2016

Mobile IT Services In Kota Kinabalu - Jdile Techsys

Mobile IT Services In Kota Kinabalu (Jdile Techsys) - Last two weeks I called up this guy a friend of mine, which is also the owner of Jdile Techsys IT Services to come to my workplace to take my computer for services.

Jdile Techsys is one of the most trusted and reliable mobile computer services in Kota Kinabalu. The motto is "Techsys IT Services, We Come To Serve You' screaming loud on their Facebook Fanpage banner.

Mobile Computer Services In Kota Kinabalu

He is providing a mobile computer services, he is willing to come to you house, office or shop to do the job. The best thing is he is also giving free advises such as how to avoid your computer from overheated, install the correct software and many more.

Two days ago he informed me that my computer is having a serious problem. It is like what.... motherboard hangkang... to repair it will cost me almost the same price to buy a new Laptop. He asked me whether or not to proceed to repair it.

Off course my answer is a big NO! I rather go and buy a new Laptop.

So I asked him is he is interested to buy that 'hangkang' Laptop. He said No! but I insisted and told him maybe there are still some components or parts from that Laptop that still good and can be used.

Eventually, he agreed to buy it at the price of RM200. Fair enough... in fact I think it was a very good deal.

So if you are in great need of computer services you can visit his Facebook Fanpage. Send im a private message or contact him.

Isnin, 24 November 2014

Isnin, November 24, 2014

Here’s Why You Absolutely Need To Uninstall Your Phone’s Flashlight App

We don't know whether or not this information about flashlight app in your phone is true or not but it is interesting. May be some of you know something about it. Please share your opinion in the comment section.

So according to Cybersecurity expert Gary Miliefskynt “the top 10 flashlight apps are all malware; they’re malicious, they’re spying, they’re snooping and they’re stealing.” The most alarming fact is “500,000,000 people are infected and they do not know it.” This information is a real eye-opener — please watch and SHARE to help your family and friends protect themselves

If it is true then how to uninstall the flashlight app in your phone?

For more click LINK

Isnin, 16 September 2013

Isnin, September 16, 2013

DiGi Internet Broadband Prepaid Plan RM1/Day

 DiGi Internet Broadband Prepaid Plan RM1/Day or RM100 for 100 days. I saw the DiGi internet broadband huge billboard advertisement today at one of the roundabout in Kota Kinabalu city today.

Then I recalled just last week my friend called me to asked about this packages. He was asking me where to get the sim card for the DiGi internet broadband prepaid plan of RM1/Day.

Isnin, 25 Mac 2013

Isnin, Mac 25, 2013

Borang Permohonan Rebate RM200 Smartphone SKMM Online

Kepada anda yang berminat untuk mendapatkan Rebat RM200 untuk pembelian Smartphone anda boleh berbuat demikin melalui online. Proses pendaftaran atau borang permohonan rebat RM200 telefon pintar boleh dibuat secara online mengunakan Borang Permohonan Rebate RM200 Smartphone SKMM online. Kemudaha ini adalah terbuka kepada golongan belia atau remaja yang berusia antara 21 dan 30 tahun boleh mula memohon rebate RM200 bagi telefon pintar 3G terpilih daripada pengedar berdaftar mulai 1 januari 2013

Syarat Kelayakan Rebat RM200

Syarat-syarat kelayakan untuk permohonan rebat RM200 Smartphone SKMM ini adalah seperti berikut:

a. Pemohon mestilah warganegara Malaysia berumur antara 21 sehingga umur 30 tahun
b. Pemohon berpendapatan kasar bulanan RM3000 dan kebawah
c. Model telefon pintar yang dipilih tiada had harga. Untuk langganan baru dan sedia ada pakej jalurlebar
d. Hanya satu telefon pintar untuk setiap seorang
e. Pelajar IPTA dan IPTS juga boleh memohon

Cara Permohonan Rebat RM200

1. Sila layari borang Online di laman web: (untuk pelajar) atau (Untuk Pekerja)

2. Pada menu, sila klik pada permohonan untuk pelajar (jika sedang belajar) dan klik pada borang untuk pekerja jika sedang bekerja.

3. Sila isi butiran penuh dan hantar pendaftaran anda.

4. Salinan permohanan akan dihantar kepada anda melalui emel dalam tempoh 24 jam. Langkah terbaik adalah cetak dahulu slip pendaftaran.

Pastikan anda mencetak slip pendaftaran sebagai bukti anda telah memohon rebat RM200 untuk telefon pintar. Skim itu berasaskan siapa cepat dia dapat dan khas bagi 1.5 juta belia yang layak mendapatkan telefon pintar itu selagi stok masih ada.

Cara Penebusan Slip Baucar Rebate RM200

Anda boleh membeli smartphone anda menggunakan baucar tersebut di syarikat pengedar telekomukasi yang sah. Untuk melihat senarai wakil penjual yang sah tersebut, sila layari 

Ahad, 27 Mei 2012

Ahad, Mei 27, 2012

Black times at BlackBerry as RIM poised for big layoffs

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion is reportedly preparing for a major restructuring beginning in the next couple of weeks that will see it eliminate between 2000 and 6000 jobs worldwide.

The layoffs were reported by the Globe and Mail on Saturday, citing unnamed sources.

The Canadian newspaper, citing several people close to the company, reported that the next round is layoffs is said to be planned for around June 1 - a day before the smartphone maker's first quarter ends - but some expect the announcement even earlier.
Advertisement: Story continues below

Selasa, 24 April 2012

Selasa, April 24, 2012

Large and rare Nikon 6mm f2.8 lens for sale in London

If you are still looking for a good, rare and interesting looking camera, this probably the one that suitable for you. But, the price is pretty interesting too.

An exceptionally rare and equally large Nikon lens has turned up for sale in London. The 11.5 pound, 6mm f2.8 lens has a 220 degree viewing angle, a 24x36mm image area, and was intended for "scientific and industrial purposes".

According to The British Journal of Photography, the lens was originally announced at the 1970 Photokina photography trade show, strictly made-to-order, and went into limited production in 1972. It is currently for sale for £100,000, or roughly $161,210, on the Grays of Westminster website. That's a small price to pay for a lens that can clearly see into your very soul.

Selasa, 6 Disember 2011

Selasa, Disember 06, 2011

Vono +2 Android 2.1 Tablet PC - 7.0" 4GB Smartpad

I guess getting a new gadget for my blogging activity is not a bad idea. I bought a Vono +2 Android 2.1 Tablet PC-7.0" Smartpad today at Megalong Shopping Complex Penampang from Oasis IT Enterprise.

So what is the need of having this gadget? Yes, it is somehow to let me be able to update my blog while on-the-go. I move around pretty much that carrying my laptop around with me sometimes not a good idea due to its size.

Vono +2 Android 2.1 Tablet PC can be use to keep updating my blog wherever there is internet connection. Although it is bit slow doing the typing on a touch screen but it is still a good choice.

Just in case you want to know more about Vono +2 the following are the Vono +2 Android 2.1 Tablet PC specs.

256MB DDR2
4 GB Flash Memory
Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g)
7-inch touch screen
Android 2.1 Eclair

+  TELECHIP 8906(800MHZ)
+  256MB DDR2
+  4 GB Flash Memory
+  Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g)
+  7-inch touch screen
+  Android 2.1 Eclair
+  It comes with the beautiful potch

The Vono +2 Smartpad is a well-valued tablet aimed at the budget conscious mobile warrior. It runs Android 2.1 "Eclair" and is powered by a powerful ARM-11 800MHz chip, on a beautiful 7" resistive touch screen LCD with WiFi capabilities. The Vono +2 is truly a value buy for those who want the ability to surf the net, do basic computing work on-the-go or even watch HD movies without the hassle of carrying a laptop. It is only 12mm thick, thinner even than the iPad, and will surely be a pleasure to use even for long periods.

It cost me RM690 but well it is still within my budget and I bought this item from the income from my blog. It will be a good travel companion.

Isnin, 5 Disember 2011

Isnin, Disember 05, 2011

Apple Logic Pro X in 2012 (UPDATE)

For those apple user, the latest version of Apple Logic Pro will come out soon. It seems the Apple Logic Pro IX was a success and the industry seems very satisfied with the previous version Apple Logic Pro IX. Now Apple is coming out with Apple Logic Pro X in 2012.

Although Apple has not announced the next new version but it is expected that new updated version of Apple Lojic Pro will be launched sometimes in the year 2012.

It is expected that the next Apple's retail update to the professional audio editing software keeps everything we know and love about it.

The next update will most probably  will refine and streamline the UI and some features such as WaveBurner which is the main component of Logic Pro.

With those updates, we believe that the next version will be more powerful.

Looking forward for the Apple Logic Pro X in 2012

Ahad, 27 November 2011

Ahad, November 27, 2011

Motorola Droid 4 FULL Specs

For all Motorola products lover Motorola Droid 4 was announced to be released on 8 December 2011. At the current speed Motorola updates the DROID 4, it is possible that we will hit DRIOD 100 before the next decade.

Somehow, this is probably the best development for all Motorola products user.

So the following are the Motorola DROID 4 Specs;

* 4-inch Super AMOLED Advanced display
* 1.2GHz dual-core processor
* 16GB built-in data storage + microSD slot
* 4G LTE connectivity
* camera w/ 1080p video capture + webcam
* MotoACTV sync
* 5-row illuminated QWERTY keyboard
* non-removable battery
* compatible with LapDock 100 and LapDock 500
* 6.31 ounces

* Google's Android 2.3.5 OS
* Android Market and Amazon AppStore (tons of free and paid apps)
* Full HTML 5 browser w/ Flash support
* Standard Android apps
* Google apps such as Google Maps w/ Street View and Navigation
* Virtual QWERTY keyboard, user replaceable with various aftermarket options
* Virtually all apps and UI elements are user replaceable
* Webtop compatible

So looking at the Motorola DROID 4 full specs, now thinking about switching to Motorola products. :)

Sabtu, 26 November 2011

Sabtu, November 26, 2011

Sony NEX7 Product Specs

Sony NEX-7
Looking for the world smallest interchangeable lense camera? Sony's NEX series of compact, digital cameras are the world's smallest interchangeable lense camera, according to Sony.

And now Sony's upcoming Sony NEX series is SONY NEX-7 that will be release sometime in December 2011, date yet to be announced.

The Sony NEX-7 is Sony's latest product for costumers around the world for high quality photography.

Sony NEX-7 Product Specs

So the followings are the product details of the to be released Sony NEX-7 that going to be launched soon.
* 24.3MP EXMOR sensor
* XGA OLED viewfinder offers 100% frame coverage
* 3-inch TruBlack LCD monitor
* 1080p / 24fps video capture
* Magnesium alloy body
* Integrated flash
* Auto locking hot shoe
* ISO Range 100-16000
* 400+ shots per charged battery
* Facial recognition tech
* Object tracking
* Eye-Fi compatible
* 291g.

Ahad, 2 Oktober 2011

Ahad, Oktober 02, 2011

AT&T's Samsung Galaxy S II Now Available Online

AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S II
AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S II has arrived, which is good news for smartphone users who want the device during the holiday season.

The smartphone, which has been a big hit in Europe and has surpassed 10 million in channel sales, is now available for purchase at AT&T’s website for $200 with a two-year contract.

The phone had been widely rumored to be available from AT&T on Sept. 18, but that date came and went with would-be buyers scratching their heads and wondering when they would be able to get their hands on it. Sprint customers, however, were able to buy that carrier’s version of the Galaxy S II, the Epic 4G Touch, on Sept. 16.

Unlike Sprint’s version, however, AT&T’s handset supports Near Field Communication (NFC). That makes sense since AT&T, along with T-Mobile and Verizon, created the mobile payments joint venture Isis, which will compete with the Sprint-backed Google Wallet. Both Isis and Google Wallet will let people pay for things in stores by tapping their phones to a reader at the point of sale.

As for T-Mobile’s version that is expected to be available Oct. 12, FCC filings confirm it will contain NFC as well, reports Engadget.

Beyond NFC, however, AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S II has plenty to boast about.

The pros: It has a stunning 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, Android Gingerbread With TouchWiz 4.0, an app that lets you view call logs, videos, photos, bookmarks, and IMs, and send SMS messages from your PC, an impressive 8-megapixel camera plus a front-facing camera for video calls, and a 1.2GHz dual-core Samsung Exynos processor.

The con: Reviewers found that the Galaxy S II had a security flaw that enabled the phone to unlock by itself. Samsung and AT&T are aware of the problem, reports TechCrunch.

Source: By Christina DesMarais, PCWorld 
Ahad, Oktober 02, 2011

DiGi first BlackBerry store in Malaysia

DiGi is making one more big step in telecommunication business venture. It was reported that DiGi opens its first BlackBerry Store in Malaysia. The announcement came several days ago and I think the store is already ready for business as we speak here.

DiGi announced the opening of its first DiGi BlackBerry Store. The move from DiGi is indeed a very smart decision as BlackBerry seems to be one of the most preferred gadget in Malaysia The first of its kind store in Malaysia is a result of a collaboration between DiGi and RIM to bring a BlackBerry-centric consumer experience to Blackberry fans in Malaysia. The 1,100 sqft store is located at the DiGi flagship store at the DiGi 360 Center in SoHo, Mont Kiara.

DiGi sees BlackBerry as a strong contender in the mobile devices market in Malaysia despite RIM’s poor financial and sales performance this year. DiGi’s Head of Retail, Patrick Er says that BlackBerry has a strong product roadmap and a large base of over 1.5 million BlackBerry users in Malaysia, a market in which DiGi wants to strengthen its position.

At the same time, Patrick says that the DiGi BlackBerry store will support “the local BlackBerry user community by providing a spot where BlackBerry enthusiasts can converge, learn and share their BlackBerry experience with each other.”

DiGi and RIM also plan to have monthly BlackBerry related activities at the store.

Source: Credit given to

Rabu, 23 Mac 2011

Rabu, Mac 23, 2011

HTC Incredible S for DiGi Malaysia Soon

If you love getting new gadget and a DiGi user this is probably the best news for you. HTC Incredible S is coming for DiGi Malaysia very soon and I think it is a must have gadget items for you.
HTC Incredible S for DiGi Malaysia Soon. HTC Incredible S  has a 4inch giant monitor with 480×800 resolutionAs you know, Nexus S was released by Maxis to Malaysia users, and now DiGi Malaysia is coming along whereby, you have now another awesome HTC phone coming to Malaysia by DiGi very soon, the latest one is the brand new HTC Incredible S. HTC Incredible S has a 4inch giant monitor with 480×800 resolution, see all specs below. The suggested retail price is RM1999 without contract. It is much more cheaper than Maxis Nexus S, however, specification comparison is important to determine the price of the smartphone. Refer here for Maxis Nexus S and Nexus S spec. Register your interest with DiGi now on HTC Incredible S!

HTC Incredible S Specification

4 inch giant monitor

1 GHz processor

1.1GB internal memory and 678MB RAM.

Come with Android Gingerbread 2.3.

battery 1450mAh (longer than Desire HD)

Sabtu, 29 Januari 2011

Sabtu, Januari 29, 2011

Hublot La Clé Du Temps Designed By Mathias Buttet

Hublot La Clé Du Temps Designed By Mathias Buttet the special edition latest watch model from HublotHublot La Clé Du Temps Designed By Mathias Buttet the special edition latest watch model from Hublot. The design looks awesome and multi-function.

Hublot La Clé Du Temps Designed By Mathias Buttet will be available on March 2011. How much does it cost per unit? I think this one is not any lesser than Euro 1 million /pcs

Wow.. so expensive. I wonder how many people will buy but I think it will be somebody is going to be interested to buy it.

Ahad, 23 Januari 2011

Ahad, Januari 23, 2011

UFO-MSW-BT260 Intopic - Good Tracking Mouse

UFO-MSW-BT260 Intopic - Good Tracking MouseTwo of the most important factors when selecting a mouse is comfort and how accurate the tracking is. And the mouse having evolved from wired, to optical, to wireless and then, now Bluetooth has so far been able to increase accuracy from one technology to the next.

The roller ball feature moved onto optical technology to prevent dust collecting in the crevices of the bottom and Intopic has joined the Bluetooth mouse bandwagon to provide 'high-precision total cordless freedom'. The UFO-MSW-BT260 is not too big or too small; it has the right size that is perfect for normal computing task as well as gaming and internet surfing.

It may not look very stylist with its black plastic and rubber exterior but it is ergonomic and glides smoothly. Setting up the UFO-MSW-BT260 was really easy, just pair it with your Bluetooth-ready PC and you are set to go.

There is scrollwheel in the top centre of the mouse and a page up/ page down rocker on the left side. The build quality is solid, it does not feel like it was made of tacky materials but industry-level materials.

All in all, tracking on the mouse is precise and you can even switch the CPI from 800, 1000 to 1200 with LED indicators. The automatic power-saving mode UFO utilises active frequency hopping to prohibit the interaction of different frequencies. In conclusion, it is a good mouse with smooth tracking.
Ahad, Januari 23, 2011

SMCWBR11S-3GN Wireless Router - SMC Networks

SMCWBR11S-3GN wireless router SMC NetworksSo you just bought a USB 3g modem. Congratulations. After you walk out of the telco shop, you realise something - you want to share this broadband connection with your mates. What can you do if the modem is connected only to your PC? You could get some wireless contraption that costs a bomb that manages to pull your 3G connection from your PC to WiFi or you can always go with SMC.

One of the respected names in networking solutions, they understand your conundrum here and have introduced their solution, the SMCWBR11S-3GN. what it is basically is an N router, small enough to be slipped into your laptop bag, and featuring a USB port to plug in your newly-purchased USB modem.

This small router-half the size of of an external hard drive, share the 3G broadband connection via 802.11n connectivity. With 3G portability a reality, you can now share your connection with friends and family. It is also comes with one LAN port and a WAN port for your normal wired connections. It is also secure, employing WPS security for secure connection to the World Wide Web.

Ahad, 21 Mac 2010

Ahad, Mac 21, 2010

How to find Padlocks Specialist

Last week I had a little problem with the gate of my house. I left my house's key in somewhere and couldn't get it. I have spare key in the house but first I need to enter the house to take it. I didn't know any padlocks specialist in my area to undone the huge padlocks on my house's gate. My housemate was away on a week trip and I couldn't contact them. 

Well, I am not planning to sleep outside the house. So I called my friends to take a look at my padlocks problem and you know what was the solution they gave me?

They ask for my permisson to break the padlocks. Anyway, I can't blame them as they are not a padlocks specialist who can do the job properly. There you go, my padlocks was remove, cut into half and I got to buy a new padlocks for my gate and duplicate the keys for the other house members.

If you are in my case what will you do? Do the same thing like what I did or getting some helps from the real padlocks specialist. If you are to find the specialist for padlocks how are you going to do it?

There are several ways how you can do it. 

1. You can find your yellow pages and look for locksmith specialist in your area. Give them a call and explain your problem, ask them to come right away. Off course they will charge you some good fees but your case is a special case anyway.

2. Get internet access and look for padlocks specialist or locksmiths specialist in your area. I am not sure in your area but in my place there are many and their address and contact numbers are available online. You can give them a call to solve your padlocks or house locks problem.

3. Break your gate or door with huge axe. Axe them down but make sure you replace them as soon as possible and also don't do it if you are just renting other people's house or apartment. I would not recommend this method for you although I did it once long time ago. Hahaha

So the next time you encounter the same problem please follow the step number 1 and 2 above. They sure are useful to solve your padlocks or home locks problems. Getting a padlocks specialist is not a very difficult thing to do nowadays.