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Memaparkan catatan dengan label Internet. Papar semua catatan

Sabtu, 31 Mei 2014

Sabtu, Mei 31, 2014

Google Rangking for Press Release Sites Drop After Panda 4.0

Few days ago it was reported in one of the webportal Search Engine Land that Google Ranking many press release sited may have dropped after Panda 4.0 upadtes. Many of them losing between 60% to 80% of SEO visibility in Google search engine.

If that report is true than it is also an indication that Google is no longer sees Press Release Sites as important sources of information. If you are thinking about setting up a press release sites, think about it again and that probably not be a good idea after this Panda 4.0

Isnin, 16 September 2013

Isnin, September 16, 2013

DiGi Internet Broadband Prepaid Plan RM1/Day

 DiGi Internet Broadband Prepaid Plan RM1/Day or RM100 for 100 days. I saw the DiGi internet broadband huge billboard advertisement today at one of the roundabout in Kota Kinabalu city today.

Then I recalled just last week my friend called me to asked about this packages. He was asking me where to get the sim card for the DiGi internet broadband prepaid plan of RM1/Day.

Isnin, 17 Disember 2012

Isnin, Disember 17, 2012

Internet Sacrilege Pakistan Backlash Grows

The news below about the impact of internet sacrilege backlash in Pakistan became a headlines in many newspapers and online news a couple of years ago.

Now the many more types of internet sacrileges coming up every day. How are we going to handle all of it? I think all we have to do and sit back and relax.

The news below happened a couple of years ago in Pakistan as result of internet sacrilege.

ISLAMABAD – Pakistani students took to the streets Thursday as the backlash grew over “sacrilegious” Internet depictions of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) that saw the authorities block YouTube a day after banning Facebook for similar reason.

Dozens of members of the student wing of Jamaat-e-Islami protested in Islamabad, calling for a boycott of Facebook and supporting a government ban of the website.

The protesters originally planned to march on the US embassy, but riot police prevented the crowd from moving toward the heavily guarded diplomatic enclave.

Several hundred students also demonstrated in the central city of Multan.

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) blocked access to Facebook Wednesday and YouTube Thursday in the growing row sparked when a private Facebook user asked people to send in drawings of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Islam strictly prohibits the depiction of any prophet as blasphemous.

“PTA has directed all concerned operators to shut down website in view of growing sacrilegious contents on it,” it said in a statement. The government regulatory body called on Facebook and YouTube to get in contact to resolve the matter at the earliest opportunity in a manner that “ensures religious harmony and respect”.

Facebook said in a statement Thursday: “We are very disappointed with the Pakistani courts’ decision to block Facebook without warning, and suspect our users there feel the same way. We are analyzing the situation and the legal considerations, and will take appropriate action, which may include making this content inaccessible to users in Pakistan,” it said. – Agencies

Sabtu, 14 Januari 2012

Sabtu, Januari 14, 2012

NAMECHEAP Coupon Code January 2012

Ok, this blog post probably a little to late but for those who are looking for NAMECHEAP.COM Coupon Code for January 2012, the coupon code is here.

Namecheap offering many excellent Offers to its Customers this year including Cheap Domain Transfers and Free .org Domains. Namecheap Also Clarified that its Against SOPA and all registrars are safe with SOPA. So this is a good news for those who has account with

So domain name coupon code this month of January 2012 is HNY12 and offers discounted registrations and transfers for com/net/org/biz domains. Thats not only it, buy or transfer a .CO domain at Namecheap this month with the same code and enjoy an $11.88 registration price or $21.49 transfer price. This coupon code is limited to 30 domains per account.

Namecheap also have thier regular hosting specials: get 10% off a new VPS this month with coupon code NEWYEARVPS and 10% off shared/reseller/business hosting with coupon code 2012ROX.

Isnin, 12 Disember 2011

Isnin, Disember 12, 2011

Attention : Gmail Warning To All Member

I've been receiving this sort of spam email so many times now. If you come across with this email please ignore it. This kind of email was sent by internet scammer with the aim to steal your email's login and password. After which,  they will get into your email account and look for any other important login and passwords. Probably your paypal, alertpay, ebay or any other account related to money. After which, they will use the login and password to gain access to those accounts and transfer the money to their account if there is any. They probably will be able to find your credit card information/credit card details and use it to buy items online.

Below is the sample of the email. Please take note that Gmail will never send this kind of email to Gmail account holder.

Gmail Team <<----This is not email address from Google or Gmail.
Dear Valued Member,

We regret to inform you that starting from 15th December 2011, Your Account will no longer allow you to send or welcome messages, files and pages due to malicious and spy wares activities detected on our old database system. To avoid this adverse effect on your Account, we want you to keep your Account content active and your data up to date on our new database system by providing us with your account information above correctly for proper confirmation.

Email Address:
Re-Type Password:
Full Names:
Date of Birth:

Beware-: Our verification team are working hard to add new features and make improvements on the Web-based e-mail security system, so we might also ask for your comments and suggestions periodically. Now we want to delete some accounts due to anonymous registration of Accounts. All google users are participating in this verification process.

© Verification & Upgrade Team 2011.

Jumaat, 9 Disember 2011

Jumaat, Disember 09, 2011

Panda Endpoint Protection (WARNING)

I've been getting so much notification about Panda Endpoint Protection Warning in my inbox lately. It seems there is trojan viruses running through our server in the office and somehow making my email account sending huge amount of unsolicited commercial email since last week.

No wonder many of my email can't go through or bounced back to me by the mail server. It detected unusual activity in my email account and returning back all of my outgoing emails.

Now this is pretty annoying. I'm using this email for  business and the mail server keep on blocking my outgoing important emails.

So many internet scammer trying to hack some email account using Trojan viruses to send those unsolicited commercial  emails. And now attacking servers of many big companies or organisation. It is important that you should change your email's password frequently to minimise the possibility of hackers taking over your email account.

This is the email that keep coming back to me.

Panda Endpoint Protection warning:

The file (MY OUTGOING EMAIL) was infected by the W32/Mydoom.N.worm virus and has been deleted.

Your account has been used to send a huge amount of unsolicited commercial email during the last week.
Most likely your computer had been infected and now runs a trojaned proxy server.

Please follow the instructions in order to keep your computer safe.

Virtually yours,
The IT team.

Khamis, 8 Disember 2011

Khamis, Disember 08, 2011

Google Gmail Account Verification Code

Since yesterday, I noticed that Google Gmail email interface has gone through some changes and also introduced Google Gmail account verification code that will be sent direct to your mobile phone. This has improved Gmail loading speed and your email account security.

For those who has not added their mobile phone number to your Gmail email account you should consider doing it now to increase/enhanced your email account security.

With this new features Google will send verification code to your mobile phone when you login into your email account. You will have to key-in the verification code sent to your mobile phone to verify the account before you are allowed to login.

Although this is quite annoying having to key-in verification code to verify your email account every time to check your email but this is necessary since there are millions emails account are hacked everyday by hackers around the world. I'm sure you don't want somebody to hack your email account right?

Thanks Google for this new security features for Google Gmail account.

Sabtu, 26 November 2011

Sabtu, November 26, 2011


I received a phone call from a friend of mine yesterday about her new project. She wants me to take a look at  Project Ziarah webpage to see whether there is anything that I can do to improve the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for

I took a look at the webpage. Project Ziarah for Peace is an NGO organisation promoting peace in Malaysia. This is a newly established organisation and any supports from all Malaysian are highly sought. 

So I was thinking about helping them a little to improve the visibility of their webpage in several major search engine. The keyword is 'Project Ziarah' and 'Project Ziarah for Peace'.

Now, since I don't have any access to the coding source of this webpage I can only do some simple SEO tricks. So I will do the followings for Project Ziarah webpage;

i. To submit to the search engine so that the url can be indexed. This will takes several weeks up to several months to take effects.

ii. I will write a blog post about 'Project Ziarah' which I'm doing it at the moment
iii. Put the  backlinks from my high pageranking webpage to

I think this is the best I can do to help them since I can't do anything for their webpage coding. I hope my friend the Project Director for this Project Ziarah for Peace don't get mad at me. :)) Seriously, this is the best I can do. I hope the webpage developer for 'Project Ziarah' knows how to insert this keywords into the heading part of the coding source in their webpage.

Hopefully many bloggers and websites owner can give some help by linking back to from their blog or websites to improve their PageRank and visibility of Project Ziarah webpage. Let us help them. Thanks  so much guys for your help.

Jumaat, 18 November 2011

Jumaat, November 18, 2011

Google Panda kills millions pro bloggers?

The story about Google Panda has been around for many months now. Most of the stories are all about the huge blows bloggers received after the Google Panda updates.

Let begin with some short story about Google Panda. In 2011, Google implemented a new search algorithm called Google Panda. It was introduced and first implemented in February 2011.

In the beginning, Google Panda only affects English Google search engine especially in United States (US) only but then eventually rolled out to international Google search engine in April 2011.

The implementation did not went well to many low quality websites. The impact of the implementation varies. Some website rankings improved and some lost, a huge lost. Hubpages and E zine Articles was amongst other received the biggest blows.

From time to time Google releases new Google Panda versions 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5 in stages. The question remains, do they help to improve some of the lost traffics blogs or things are getting worst after each updates?

Based on my observation, my site still not able to recover from the blows it recieved from Google Panda updates. I lost page ranking on many keywords. Still trying to recover and it took me already so many months.

The first thing I did after the punishement from Google Panda was to remove those non-performing ads blocks from my webpage. So as you see, this site now is pretty clean compared to it was before. However, things are still pretty bad

So the next solution I tried was to write original and quality contents. This seems to be a hard job to do but then blogging is my hobby so I will just have to endure it.

Recovering from Google Panda is not easy. Huge tasks awaiting ahead but hopefully things will be better. Now I managed to get back some traffics but it is still not enough.

After the Google Panda updates, I realized that Google wants a websites with useful information and less ads. Having said so, the term of 'content is King' is still the cardinal rules. Quality contents are still the most important.

One thing for sure, after the Google Panda, we noticed that millions of bloggers were nearly killed and now struggling hard to get back on their feet.

Isnin, 14 November 2011

Isnin, November 14, 2011

PayPal Global Operation Center Office in Malaysia

I think this is the most awaited news for many Malaysian. PayPal opens its PayPal Global Operation Center Office in Malaysia and the opening ceremony was attended by Dato' Mukhriz Tun Dr Mahathir, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Trade and Industry.

I believe many of you out there are using PayPal for online payment as well as to receive payment. PayPal, the most popular online payment service, officially opened its new global operation center in Malaysia and expect to hire up to 500 Malaysians by end-2013. This is another good news to those who are still looking for job.

The PayPal’s new Global Operation Center office is located at 1 First Avenue, Dataran Bandar Utama, which is a Multimedia Super corridor (MSC) status building developed to support the growth of high-tech companies in Malaysia.

The new facility offers service and support in English to PayPal’s customers across Asia and provides additional risk and financial services operations for PayPal’s business globally. Further Asian language support will be added in the near future.

With 200 staff already on-site, PayPal plans to hire up to 500 Malaysian employees by end of 2013. If you are interested to work with PayPal, you can apply online for positions at eBay Careers website.

Other global operation centers around the world are: Berlin, Germany; Chandler, U.S.A.; Dublin, Ireland; Omaha, U.S.A.; Shanghai, China; and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

PayPal was first announce Malaysia office in January 2011. Indeed this is a very great news.


Jumaat, 11 November 2011

Jumaat, November 11, 2011

How to use Facebook in China (TIPS)

I was thinking of traveling to China from Hanoi, Vietnam this year. I booked my ticket already from Kuala Lumpur to Hanoi, and from Hanoi crossing into Guillin China. When you are always on the move, but at the same time trying to stay in contact with your friends and family, using Facebook is one the best way.

The bad news, Facebook is blocked or banned in China. So how to use Facebook in China?

I asked one of my friend. He is an expert in internet/online thingy. He told me not to worry. You can still access Facebook in China using some software that are widely available online. 

With that software you can bypass the barrier to access Facebook. You can download it for free. 

With that software, you will be given different IP address each time you use their server to access some  blocked website.

I used it a couple of times in my workplace. Facebook is banned/blocked in my office but with this software I can still access Facebook. 

OK, so don't worry about accessing Facebook in China. Just get some software and that is how to use Facebook in China. Some little trick can do the job.

Selasa, 22 Mac 2011

Selasa, Mac 22, 2011

All porn website would have .XXX Top Level Domain

This is the latest development related to those pornographic sites out there. The Internet Corporation has reached a concensus recently. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has approved the .XXX top-level domain (TLD) at March 18th, 2011. The “dot triple X” TLD is intended as a voluntary option for sexually explicit sites on the Internet.

There are mix opinion but generally the issue is decided already will will going to take effect soon.
Many (.XXX top level domain nameICANN) board members spoke out about their votes. A couple stated they were concerned this decision will upset governments. Multiple board members said they voted in favor in part because if .xxx isn’t approved now then a .xxx will certainly be submitted and approved in the new TLD process. This .xxx would be unrestricted. (Domain Name Wire)
The registration fee for .XXX domain is going to be more expensive. ICM Registry said it would charge $60/year (Current .com domain registration fee is $10).

XXX domain is only available for the adult entertainment industry. The contract will require anyone registering a .XXX domain to complete an application process endorsed and overseen by the International Foundation for Online Responsibility (IFFOR).

What’s the benefits of .XXX domain?

With the restriction of .XXX contract, the porn site’s clients would be more protected from the risk of viruses, identity theft, credit card fraud and inadvertent exposure to child abuse images. It will also provide individuals and parents who wish to avoid adult entertainment sites the opportunity to filter out unwanted .XXX material.

Sabtu, 22 Januari 2011

Sabtu, Januari 22, 2011

Email Asking For Gmail Profile Update

I received this email a moment ago. If you ever have it in your inbox please, please, please ignore it. That email is not from Google or Gmail team but from online scammer. All they want to accomplished is to get your login name and password and after that they use it to get into your e-mail and look for any login name and password for other thing like paypal, egold, Liberty Reserve, banking account and many more.

The e-mail I received a moment ago is right below this. Take a good look and remember not to fall into this trick.

Sorry, we appear to have an error in our database regarding the time span of the Alley 2011 temperature and accumulation data. We have migrated through several versions of databases with different software. Now the Google Team want you to feed us back with your logon information for verification and to protect your Account server on the new database software.

Account Name:


Present Location:

Note: You will automatically lose your account permanently if your details are not received immediately for this verification purpose. We apologise for any inconveniencies. The Security of your Account is our ultimate goal.
Google Team Customer Care department. All Rights Reserved.
Imagine if they do e-mail blast to let say 200,000 people, for sure somebody will fall into this trick and give away their login name and password. Please be extra careful if you receive this e-mail. It is internet scam and just ignore it. Google will never send this kind of e-mail to get your gmail profile updates.

Ahad, 2 Januari 2011

Ahad, Januari 02, 2011

(FREE)Top Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Secrets

I recieved more junks mails in my gmail e-mail nowadays. Today I got this Free Top Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Secrets in my e-mail. I don't know how they get my email address but I guess they use online email extractor.

Last time I was looking for free email extractor software but I think there are none available. There are some but they functionality is quite limited and you have to do all the editing before you get the final result. Imagine if you have to go through to edit millions of email address, I'm pretty sure you give up in very short period of time. The top email extractor online are all requires your credit card information, so I abandoned the effort to extract email online.

So this is what I have in my email today 'Top Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Secrets' but please take note email like this are all online spam email.

Hi there,
My name is Michael

What if I told you that I'm making thousands of dollars
each week and I'm not paying a dime for advertising ?

This works for any product, website or affiliate website!

In other words. Now You Can Have Years of Research,
Testing, and Experience At Your Fingertips.
Goodbye spammer, your tricks won't works anymore.

Sabtu, 18 Disember 2010

Sabtu, Disember 18, 2010

(Gambar)Daphne Iking Ada Blog???

Daphne Iking BlogI found a blog today yang bertajuk 'The Succulence of Eleanor' dan alamat blog tersebut is Now the first question is adakah blog ini milik Daphne Iking and is maintained by herself atau ada orang lain yang sengaja nak namakan blog dia sempena nama Daphne Iking? We are interested to find out.

Lately, menang Daphne Iking sangat famous dalam blog-blog mengenai artis Malaysia. Ini mungkin banyak berkait dengan topik mengenai 'Daphne Iking scandal' atau skandal Daphne Iking yang hangat diperkatakan dan dilaporkan media cetak, elektronik dan online semasa ini. Mungkin ianya berkaitan dengan kes beliau dengan bekas suaminya. But to those website and blog owner especially yang banyak menulis mengenai gosip artis Malaysia, cerita ini memang hangat.

If I'm not mistaken Daphne Iking divorce case is already over. So tak perlulah kita panjangkan lagi hal yang berlalu. Kita bagi kesempatan kepada Daphne Iking untuk berehat dari terus dibalun oleh gossip-gossip yang tidak bertuan nie. Hahaha

So now let come back to the topic about Daphne Iking Blog. I made a little bit of investigation mengenai blog yang dikatakan Daphne Iking blog ini. Siasatan seperti CSI ler konon nie. I found out that that blog started berberapa tahun dulu sejak February 2006. Itu dah kira lama dah tu. pun baru berusia setahun. Daphne Iking blog 'The Succulence of Eleanor' ini dah ada PR 3, kita mantap juga blog nie kalau dah capai Pagerank 3. Dan last blog post dia ialah 'Yes. I ate horse placenta. Sort of' pada December, 10 2010. Kalau betu ini blog Daphne Iking, kita tabik spring kat beliau sebab dalam kesibukan kerja masih sempat berblog.

Atau blog ini adalah blog orang lain? Aku teringat lagu 'Aku Pun Tah Tahu'. Hahaha

Isnin, 15 November 2010

Isnin, November 15, 2010

Useless Blog Post

I really don't have anything good to write today. That is why I put the title as useless blog post. You will find nothing useful from this blog post. 

So if you don't really have much spare time you may ignore this blog post. Don't worry I won't get angry. :P

I went to Sabah State Library this morning to attend a  workshop on Online Information Search Skills Workshop, organised by SATA an organisation to provide support and guides for any individual to venture into TECHPRENEUR. 

For your information, TECHPRENEUR is a combination of TECHNOLOGY and ENTREPRENEUR. 

Currently SATA is opening its door to any interested individuals to join the organisation. To become a member you will need to fill up SATA membership form and pay the annual fees amouting RM 80.00 only.

I asked the organizer what would be the benifits for members. Members will enjoy the following benefits:-

a. To learn internet marketing skills directly from Mr. Darwin Tan, one of the more succesful internet marketer in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.
b. Assistance to develop your online business
c. Grant to develop your online business. It is a government grant, channeled through SATA. So if you have a good online business idea, you can make it into reality by getting a financial grant or support from government through SATA
d. Online business information
e. Attend online business courses from time-to-time.
f. Network partners. Information and ideas sharing amongst members. 

Don't you think that is good? I will fill up the form soon and join them and see what I can learn from them. I hope joining them is a good decision. The most importantly I want to get as large network as possible among website and blog operators. I am thinking about capitalizing a good backlinking opportunities from the members.

Khamis, 11 November 2010

Khamis, November 11, 2010

How to Improve Google PageRank (PR) for Beginner???

This is a very valid question 'how to improve Google PageRank (PR) for beginner?' I don't have the answer for how to improve Google PageRank for beginner at the moment. I am still trying hard to get the trick and tip about how to do it.

So the reason I write this blog post is to ask you how to increase Google PageRank for beginner. There are so many so call tricks and tips out there but none of it really works. I tried many of them and so far look at my  blog PageRank, you see a freaking fat 'zero' PageRank for this blog.

Last night I chatted with a friend via Yahoo Messenger (YM) about this issues. He gave me some general suggestion which I am going to implement today.

I will write a blog post if his suggestion is useful or at least I managed to grab some organic traffics from Google.

Now back to my question how to improve Google PageRank (PR) for beginner? Please share your tips and trick here about this issues. I am going out soon to visit some interesting places in Kota Kinabalu city. Have a nice day!
Khamis, November 11, 2010

I Got a Job From .Capital Oil And Gas Limited Job Offer

Now this is very nice. I been looking for good paying job off shore job and today I recieved Capital Oil And Gas Limited Job Offer. 

What a lucky day for me right? When I open my e-mail this afternoon I saw this e-mail about Capital Oil and Gas Job Offer, I feel like I want to tell everyone that a Nigerian company offering me a very good off shore job.

So they wants me to reply as soon as possible with my particulars. I'm still thinking about it, meanwhile bellow is the e-mail I recieved from Capital Oil and Gas a company based in Lagos Nigeria.

fromCapital Oil and Gas Limited Recruiters Nigeria
dateThu, Nov 11, 2010 at 6:51 AM
subject.Capital Oil And Gas Limited Job Offer
hide details 6:51 AM (0 minutes ago)

Capital Oil & Gas



Capital Oil And Gas Limited is Company based in Lagos, a Production Sharing Contract (PSC) with shell and involves in oil and gas exploration and production activities in Nigeria. Capital Oil And Gas Limited is operating Oil Prospecting Licenses (OPL).Capital Oil & Gas Industries Limited was incorporated in 2001 but commenced full operations in 2003, following the deregulation of the downstream sector of the oil and gas industry by the Federal Government of Nigeria

We are Legal Labor Consultant/Recruiters to Capital Oil And Gas Limited, a foremost Oil and Gas Company. In pursuant to the service contract with our client (Capital Oil And Gas Limited ) wish to invite experienced, skilled and qualified expatriates/persons for the Uhele Project Development going on in the Federal Republic Of Nigeria, project schedule to commence soon.

The  programme is the development of Uhele project, the project involves the construction of Four platforms and a Gas Export Pipeline that will aid optimum exploitation of the crude oil potential of the Uhele Field, as well as that of Natural Gas that is currently being flared.

This Company is the operator of Uhele project. This is a deep water license (4000 feet) and the location of a major oil and gas discovery. Uhele project target production rate is 150 kbd and it is expected to produce about 560 million barrels of the oil (gross). The world-class Capital Oil And Gas Limited is located in the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) Oil Prospecting License (OPL) 10 and has recoverable offshore reserves of some 600 million barrels of oil.

Capital Oil And Gas Limited with respect to the Uhele project, requires expatriates/persons whose services will include the following,

Geology and Geo science
Data management, well and production
Exploration Geologist
Geological / Geophysical
Geological Technologis
Geological Technologist / GIS Specialist
Geologist,Geophysical Engineer
Geo technical Engineer (Intermediate)
Geo technical Technicians / Technologist (Junior)
Geo technical Technologist (Intermediate)
GIS Specialist / Analyst
Hydro geologist (Junior)
Jr. and Int. Processing Geophysicists Land processing
Manager (VP) Geo science
Mineral Processing Engineer
Permafrost Engineer
Reservoir Engineers
Reservoir Engineers
Seismic Driller
Well Site Geologist
Well Site Geologists Gas,
Chemicals, Petrochemicals,
Laboratory .Acid Supervisor ,
Gas Business Coordinator ,
Nitrogen Supervisor Drilling and Rig,C
cement Supervisor
Deep Cailed Tubing Supervisor,
Derrick and Directional Driller
Drillers ,Drilling Engineers,
Drilling Foreman ,Forearm Drillers,
Mud Logger
Rig Electrician
Rig Manager
Tool pusher
Wire line opera application Scripter IT Analyst,
Communications Spec Sr
Communications Technician
Computer Repair Technician
Intermediate Programmer
IT Consultant - Oracle Financials
Account Manage
Accounting Clerk
Accounting Systems Analyst
Cost Controllers
Dept Admin
Documentation Manager
Accountants, Admin
Energy Analyst ,
Executive Assistant
Field Administration Clerk Finance Analyst
Land Property Administrator
Manager Projects
Procurement Specialists (FIDIC Procedures)
Quantity Surveyors Engineering  .

SCOPE OF THE PROJECT: The programmed is the Development of Uhele project, the project involves the contraction of Four platforms and a Gas Export  Pipeline that will aid optimum exploitation of the crude oil potential of the Uhele Field, as well as that of Natural Gas that is currently being flared.

SALARY: $10,000- $45,000.00,monthly/take-home (After tax), Dollars or Euros equivalent depending on home country and currency preference.
CONTRACT DURATION: 36 months (Liable for upward review depending on your commitment and expertise)

DURATION OF WORK PERIODS: Two months work, one month leave You will be entitle to (Two)2 months upfront salaries and relocation expenses on confirmation of your relevant documentation for commencement of work.

Send your detailed resume, if this Offer is acceptable to you together with an application via email attachment.


Human Resource Manager,
Capital Oil And Gas Limited Recruiter
1 Capital Oil Close, Westminster,
Ibru Jetty Complex, Ibafon, Apapa
P.O. Box 558 (CODE 102241)

Apapa, Lagos

Tel:+234 8036115707 make sure you call

Ohh man, do you think this is a genuine job offer? Do you think Capital Oil and Gas even exist? This Nigerian scammer sure very cunning and clever in trying to make you believe that this is a genuine job offer. My friends, this is one of the e-mail from internet scammer and believe me the have sent this very same e-mail to millions of other people all over the world.

I believe 1 or 2 person will fall into this trap and if you know the person please let him know that e-mail like this should be ignored. This are all internet scam from scam artist from African continent.

So this e-mail is a fake job offer after all. This is just a reminder to you not to fall into this kind of trap.

Rabu, 10 November 2010

Rabu, November 10, 2010

My E-mail Address Won The British Tobacco Award End Of Year Promo

Ohh my God. I am very lucky today because I just recieved an email from The British Tobacco informing me that my e-mail ID  won 'The British Tobacco Award End of Year Promo'.

How lucky I am and the prize is USD 5.5 millions. And guest what? All I have to do to collect my prizes is to let them know my 

Your email ID has won £1,000,000.00 In The British Tobacco Award End Of Year Promo, send your

On Wed, Nov 10, 2010 at 3:55 AM, wrote:


That is very easy. Answering 3 questions then I am super rich instantly. No sweats out, no hard work. I won the award right?

But, wait a minute, the email I recieved is some of the internet scams that has been going around for so long. I'm sure you recieved the same e-mail in your inbox. My advice to you is just ignore it. 

Most of such e-mail comes from Africa, the land of internet scam. Don't believe any of it.