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Ahad, 30 Oktober 2011

Ahad, Oktober 30, 2011

The 10 best paying country in Google Adsense

May be some of you never realise that one of the important factor to improve your Google Adsense earning is to write article geared toward getting more readers from the best paying country in Google Adsense.

I haven't realized about it until recently when Jayce from wrote an interesting article about it. The article was really an eye-opener. top paying country in Google Adsense
According to Jayce the top 10 best paying countries in Google Adsense is United States (US), Australia, United Kingdom and Canada.

So that I realize the benefits of writing article with the best paying country in Google Adsense in mind, I will try to ensure most of my articles are towards that purposes.

Yes, it is something tricky but improving my Adsense earning is also important. The the trick is to get more traffics from those best paying country.

But of course different website has their own highest paying country in Google Adsense. I did some observation on my webpage and the result is similar to Jayce,'s highest paying country in Google Adsense.

Jumaat, 7 Oktober 2011

Jumaat, Oktober 07, 2011

Google's AdSense Academy For Online Advertising Skills

Many of you out there has a blog and trying to make some money online with Google Adsense. Create a blog and slaps several Adsense block around your site. But do you know that to make more money with Adsense one must master or at least learn some skills in online advertising.

Just recently Google has introduced the AdSense Academy, an online course with documentation and tests designed to improve your knowledge of the ad platform. Here you will understand how Adsense works.

Regardless of whether you are an AdSense pro or just starting out learning the intricacies of online advertising, Google believes the AdSense Academy can help you improve your knowledge and, in the end, your performance on AdSense and eventually make more money as Adsense ads publisher

"AdSense Academy can help you successfully run your AdSense account by following six step-by-step learning modules. The Academy provides best practices on everything from implementing your ad units to building your traffic to controlling your ads," Google explained.

There is documentation, videos and tests to see how much you've learned. There's also a progress bar indicating how many of the concepts covered you have mastered. Of course, the AdSense Academy is completely free.

Khamis, 6 Oktober 2011

Khamis, Oktober 06, 2011



If you are interested in making money online from Nigeria, there are some big lies you should be aware of. I never knew some of these things were big lies until I started my journey online 2 years ago and discovered for myself what worked and the real truth online.

Here are a few of popular ones:

1. You Need A Paypal Account To Make Money From Nigeria

Although this is a big lie many Nigerians spend time, money to look for ways to open a PayPal account. I have always advised Nigerians to forget about Paypal because basically, Paypal is like a bank account and bank accounts don’t make money. Having a paypal account will not make you money online.

2. You Need A Clickbank Account To Make Money Online From Nigeria

This is very similar to having a Paypal account. Many Nigerians interested in affiliate marketing kill themselves over how to get a ClickBank account even after knowing that having one from Nigeria is illegal. I was also very interested in knowing how to this when I started out but later realize that having one was not the answer. Having a ClickBank account is not a prerequisite for making money online.

3. Online Survey Is The Best Way To Make Money Online From Nigeria

I have even bought a product about this on Success Digest Extra some months ago. I will tell you straight that this is a big lie. Online surveys work, but not for Nigerians. Apart from the fact that there are many scam companies who don’t pay up when you fill a survey, online survey are not really directed at Nigerians.

If they were, why do those e-books advice you hide your IP address? It is simply because Nigerians are not the ideal customers for the companies paying for the online survey. Filling these online surveys as a Nigerian is equivalent to scamming the survey websites.

Bottom line, online surveys don’t work like that.

4. Starting A Blogger Blog Is The Best Way To Make Money

This is the new craze for Nigerians. Every Nigerian wants to own and run a blog. is now the preferred medium filled with Nigerian bloggers struggling to hit big online. I am happy that many Nigerians are writing and publishing online but just starting a blog will not make you money online. You will not hammer anything by just throwing up a blogger blog.

If it were so every Nigerian with a blog would be cruising around in a hummer. I am not driving one so you can trust me when I say it is a big lie. Now, I am not saying you cannot make money with a blog but just putting up a blog will not cut it.

5. Blogging about Blogging Or Blogging About How To Make Money Online Is The Best Way To Make Money Online

This is another big lie. It is what I am doing on 2 of my blogs and haven’t bought a hummer yet, meaning I am not making a killing yet. Money can be made with blogging but blogging about blogging or about making money online will not just make your laptop or desktop to spit out clean bills of N1,000 notes.

6. Google Adsense Is The Best Way To Make Money Online

There was a time Google Adsense was a buzz word as far as making money online was the topic. It is actually very possible to make money online from Nigeria with Google Adsense. Spaulding’s 5DollarFormula can help you out if that is the line you wish to toe. But my guy, Google Adsense will only make you so much if you have a high traffic site like Apart from traffic the adverts posted must have a high CTR and people will have to click the ads before you can make any form of cash.

It works but it is not a sure thing so don’t be deceived by marketers who sell you e-books that claim that all you need to do is start a blog on and throw up Google Adsense around it to make money online.

7. You will make $1,000 in 2 days

I read a lot of ad copies in many newspaper adverts that promise that one will make so and so amount of cash in days by just doing little or no work. They quote large, sexy amounts of money that will get anyone pulling out their moneys to pay for the products.

It is very possible to make $1,000 in one day but it will not just happen when you don’t have assets online. It will not just happen because one e-book said so. It will not just happen to a newbie who has no list, no website or a new website or blog. Anyone who says making that kind of sum is possible without doing any form of work or owning an online asset is a bloody liar. So beware of these adverts that promise heaven on earth… they are just scams.

So What Is The Best Way To Make Money Online From Nigeria?

Yes, that is the question that you may want to ask me. Well, to answer that, I have good news and bad news.

First, bad news…

I don’t know all the answers.

The good news…

I know one very important tip that will push you miles away from anyone who wants to make money online. It took me a while to realize it. If you want to make money online from Nigeria or anyway from the world , you need to sell something. If you have that at the back of your head, you are miles ahead of many. I hope this has been helpful.

Thank you.
Mk Akan is a Nigerian blogger who is learning, practising and sharing real ways to make money online from Nigeria. He has written a 72 page guide that reveals more lies and truth about making money online from Nigeria.
Khamis, Oktober 06, 2011

Is Google Adsense available for Africa?

The answer is YES! Provided that your blog or website is in English language. Since Google Adsense is not yet available in any African languages, you will have to run or blog or webpages in English language to make money with Adsense in Africa.

To prove that African may earn online income from Adsense here is a story from a person from African who manage to make money online with Adsense in Africa. And I visited his blog frequently, he wrote all his blog post in English.

Is Google Adsense working for Africa
By Oluniyi D. Ajao -www.
I joined the Google Adsense as way back as 2004 and have been earning some residual income from that publisher program since then. I currently reside in a West African country and I consider myself qualified to comment on a blog post by Mambe Nanje Churchill, a Cameroonian IT enterpreneur: “Google Adsense is not working in Africa“.

Mambe complains about the fact that he has earned only $2 per week from Google Adsense and is of the opinion that Google is biased towards residents of African countries in the sense that they earn less, when compared to their counterparts in the United States of America. He is right, but only to an extent. There are several factors that determine how much one earns from Google Adsense and the geographical location of the website users is one of the determining factors. I’d explain in clear terms: A website that has US residents as its core audience will have several more ads to display and more revenue per ad click than a website that has residents of Cameroon as its core audience even if they both have the same number of website visitors and same number of ad clicks. I do not have any reason to agree to the suggestion that the location of a website owner is factored into the earnings from Adsense.

It could be difficult for a website owner living in Cameroon to attract a core US audience. Since the content is more likely to be directly related to Cameroon, it is more likely the website will have a Cameroonian core audience. Logically, such a website cannot attract as many adverts from Google Adsense and even the ads that appear will fetch less earnings as compared to a website that has a core US audience. This imbalance is not determined by Google, but by the market forces from within their Google Adwords program. There is a high number of Google Adwords adveritisers who would only target a local audience. The number of advertisers targetting the USA is high, and so are those ad rates. Many e-businesses advertising via Google Adwords would rather target residents of USA, Canada, western Europe, Japan, Australia and other rich economies since they are more likely to earn a high return-on-investment. Any savvy advertiser will only target a global audience or any particular countries when there is a strong reason to do so.

This talk about the location of the website users is not as important as the amount of daily traffic a website generates. Thus, a website with only 10 daily visitors cannot generate much revenue by way of Google Adsense even if all users were in the USA, Nigeria, or any other country. There are several other factors that determine one’s earnings from Google Adsense but I am limiting this blog post to the ones relevant to this discussion: publisher location and traffic.

Google Adsense still stands out as one of the best means of monetizing a website as of today – whether for news/feature publishers, e-commerce stores owners, bloggers etc, the potential for a huge income still remains but one must do things right to earn high.

Rabu, 5 Oktober 2011

Rabu, Oktober 05, 2011

Ads Revenues From Social Networks in 2011

A report on global ads revenues from social networks is out. It was reported that global ads revenues from social networks in 2011 was able to hit the 5.4 billions. This is a huge figure of revenues from ads revenues from all global social networks combined.

It was expected that ads revenue from social networks worldwide is will reach $5.54 billion this year, according to eMarketer estimates, and will double by 2013. eMarketer is taking into account a number of popular social networks, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (LNKD).

Half of this year’s ad spend on social networks, $2.74 billion, is coming from the US market. Unsurprisingly, the majority of this ad revenue is coming from Facebook, which is expected to pull in over $3.8 billion this year from advertising to its 800 million members.

Revenue is clearly growing, but eMarketer’s data shows that the fastest growth over the next few years will take place in ad spending outside the U.S. By 2013, non-US revenues will make up 51.9% of the total, which will hit $10 billion worldwide. In the US, social networks will make nearly $5 billion from ads that year.

Social network ad revenue grew 50% in 2010, and is expected to increase by 55.6% this year. But growth is expected to drop to 45% in 2012, and 25.2% in 2013.

We know that Twitter has been growing its ad revenue steadily, and should see even more growth once the network’s self-service product for advertisers debuts. For the first time, eMarketer actually forecasts ad revenues for professional social network LinkedIn, who has recently been rolling out a number of new, social (Facebook-like) ad formats.

eMarketer predicts LinkedIn will account for 3% of worldwide social network ad revenues this year, with $140.8 million. The site has more than tripled its ad dollars in two years, but eMarketer cations that growth is tapering off. Ad revenue is expected to grow by 79% in 2011, but will drop in its growth rate to 44% in 2012 (with $200 million in ad revenue) and 24.3% in 2013 (with $250 million in ad revenue).

Still, LinkedIn is seeing two members join each second, and has over 120 million members, so it is still a popular place for advertisers to reach consumers.

In terms of all digital ad spending, 8.8% of online ad dollars in the US and 6.9% worldwide will go to social networking sites this year. By 2013, social network ad revenues will make up 11.7% of all online ad spending in the US and 9.4% around the world.

Of course, one thing that this report does not factor in is brand new ad formats and how that could effect revenue in the next few years. For example, at TechCrunch Disrupt a few weeks ago, Facebook’s Product Director for Ads Gokul Rajaram said that the network is thinking about developing an AdSense for Facebook advertisers.

It is a good news Facebook is developing Adsense ads for Facebook. This will certainly a good news to publishers around the world. That means there is money to be made with Facebook.

Ahad, 2 Oktober 2011

Ahad, Oktober 02, 2011

Google Adsense display Gambling Ads?

Is Google Adsense now display Gambling Ads? According to, based on feedbacks recieved by Google, Gambling Ads will be allowed to appear. If this is true, this should be a good news for Adsense publisher.

Google is now allowing AdSense publishers to opt in to display certain types of gambling ads in some geographic locations. In 2008, the company loosened some of its restrictions on gambling ads in search. The latest change takes place tomorrow, September 27.

“In response to advertiser and publisher feedback, we’ve expanded the types of ads available to AdSense publishers to include some gambling-related topics,” said a Google spokesperson. “Publishers control whether these ads can show on their site — if a publisher does nothing, they will not appear — and advertisers are required to comply with our ad policies.”

AdSense publisher Ed Shahzade first tipped Search Engine Land to the news after receiving an e-mail from Google about the change.

Google is allowing advertising of online scratch games run by state, national or Indian reservations and national or state lotteries. It also will allow the advertising of “bricks and mortar” gambling locations and fantasy sports contests.

Unacceptable types of ads are those that promote gambling, sports betting or casino games, for gambling software or for lotteries or scratch games that are not run by national or state officials. Gambling-related tutoring, books, vouchers or promos are also unacceptable. See Google’s FAQ item for advertisers for more information, including country-specific restrictions and allowances.

Generally speaking, Google’s gambling-related restrictions cover practices that are not legal in the jurisdictions that ads are targeted to. Additionally, gambling ads won’t be allowed on sites whose audiences are primarily under the age of 18, regardless of country.

While eager to capitalize on advertising from clearly legal things like state or national lotteries, the company is trying to tread lightly and apparently is now more confident in its abilities to police acceptable versus unacceptable types of ads. Google, along with Microsoft and Yahoo, in 2007 paid a substantial fine for accepting and displaying online gambling ads. (Google’s struggles in the gambling arena somewhat mirror its difficulties in the pharmaceutical space.)

Jumaat, 30 September 2011

Jumaat, September 30, 2011

Do you make any money with Nuffnang?

My answer is a big NO! And as I speak here, there is no more Nuffnang ads on my blog. Do you know what? I'm not making any money with Nuffang despite the increasing number of organic traffics coming into my blog.

So this is what I found out?

Buffered earning (BE) - You will make money with Nuffang if there is Buffered Earning or BE for you. I was getting many buffered earning before when there was very little traffics coming into my blog, but as the organic traffics are getting fatter and bigger Nuffnang's BE is very hard to get now. In fact I didn't get any the past 2 months. Since BE is no longer given to me, I'm not making any money now with Nuffnang. I'm still waiting for my first check from Nuffnang. I will post it here when I received it.

Nuffnang Glitterati Status - Yes, indeed Nuffang Glitterati status is good. But since I'm not getting any BE anymore so I removed most of Nuffnang ads on my blog. Today, Nuffnang punished me. My Nuffnang's Glitterati status reduced to Ordinary (non-exclusive) member. Well, like I care. I'm not making any money with Nuffnang so why should I stick around any longer with Nuffnang.

Ads Blind - People now are so used to ads. Nuffnang is using the same format of ads most of the time. Since Nuffnang ads is not like Adsense ads so you will find that those Nuffnang ads are not related to your topic in the blog. So we are not getting much clicks from our readers. - To replace Nuffnang, I signed up with HeartBeat.My, an online gift store. I can see there is money to be made from here and the future potential are there. You will make money both from the click on your banners and also from items sold through your link. I think this is truly a win-win situation between advertiser and the publisher. To sign up with please click HERE.

Ok, sodo you make any money with Nuffnang? My answer is still a big NO.

Sabtu, 24 September 2011

Sabtu, September 24, 2011

Make Money With Affiliate

I found something very interesting which I should use to replace my Nuffnang since earning from Nuffnang depend so greatly on buffered earning. Buffered earning is very difficult to come by nowadays, so this is about time to move on to a new money making online program. I found that making money with HeartBeat.My is one of the best option do consider.

Making money with HeartBeat is something new in Malaysia. I registered with HeartBeat today and the earning report are almost 'real time' and as I type away this piece, my earning is rolling in since I slapped the code on my blog a couple of hours ago.

I hope those figure keeps rolling in. Hell yeahh!!!

Ok, So the next question is how to become HeartBeat affiliate? It is pretty simple and easy really. All you need to to is to fill up a simple online form to become a costumer with HeartBeat and after that fill up one more online form to become affiliate. You can register to become HeartBeat affiliate here at HeartBeat Affiliate Membership Form.

Now, what is this HeartBeat thingy? HeartBeat.My is a online marketplace for gifts. all sorts of gift such as gift for wedding, birthday, celebration etc is available there. All you have to do is to get online, fill up the form to purchase the items and the items will be delivered to your doorstep.

Online payment can be made from your credit card or internet fund transfer, example, by using

So wait no more, sign up today with and start generating earning online with HeartBeat. Good luck and have a nice day.

Khamis, 22 September 2011

Khamis, September 22, 2011

Google Adsense +1 Button launched

Hi guys, good morning. Sorry for not been able to update this blog for a few days already. But here we are again. I think this is a very good move from Google. Google Adsense +1 button will be launched next month.

Date and time for the launching next month has not been announced yet, but one thing for sure this is a very good opportunity to make money with Google Adsense.

I wrote last time that Google Adsense is dying, but upon reading this new updates in my e-mail, I feel revived again in my quest to make money online with Google Adsense.

+1 Google Adsense is a very good news for publisher. Below is the e-mail I received in my email inbox.


In the next month, we'll introduce the +1 button and personal recommendations to display ads. The +1 button will begin to appear on AdSense for Content and AdSense for Mobile Content display ad formats -- image, animated gif, and Flash. +1s will be one additional signal to help determine an ad's relevance and we'll continue to show the ads that will generate the most revenue for you.

We previously launched the +1 button on Google search and for publisher sites to make it easier for people to share and discover content across the web. Soon, your users will be able to endorse specific ads and make the ads more likely to appear to their social connections. We believe that these recommendations could help your readers notice ads on your site more, leading to higher returns for you over time.

If you prefer not to show the +1 buttons on display ads on your pages, you can opt out in your account. For more information please visit the Inside AdSense blog.


The Google AdSense team

Jumaat, 26 Ogos 2011

Jumaat, Ogos 26, 2011

Adsense 3rd payment through Western Union

Adsense payment through Western UnionI'm happy today. Got another payment from Adsense and this is the 3rd time I received payment from Adsense. Well, off course the amount is not big, coupled with the US dollar exchange rates with Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) is getting lower and lower nowadays the amount that I'm going to get is also getting lower.

Hopefully US Dollar is getting better the next time I get my payment from Google Adsense again.

The best thing is Google Adsense is paying through Western Union. Much easier and faster to get my money. This time I got only about RM 600 from my Google Adsense income. I will cash it out next monday. Yeahhh.. will buy some gadgets for my laptop and paying some bills.

So is making money online with blog is possible? Yes! it is and I'm not going to stop here. I will try to reach RM 1000 every month with my blog. I know it is possible. I will just need to update this blog and write more. May be 1 blog post a day?

Last time I wrote about Google Adsens is dead but I think it is still pretty much alive. Blogger just need to work bit harder to get more organic traffics. Thanks Google Adsense for making it possible to make money online.

Khamis, 25 Ogos 2011

Khamis, Ogos 25, 2011

JSS-Tripler updated reviews

First of all I want to let you know that I'm a member of JSS-Tripler program and been in this so call make money online with JSS-Tripler for about 4 monts now.

As such, I consider myself as qualified to make my personal review on this online money making program JSS-Tripler which you can be a member by filling up the online registeration form through

Now, the reason of this reviews is not to discourage you from taking part or participating in JSS-Tripler but to share my experiences in using the JSS-Tripler system hoping that I can make some fortune online.

Now let get down to the reviews. I know you want to know my personal experiences with JSS-Tripler.

Personally, I don't think JSS-Tripler is a good money making system. This is similar to the like of Swisscash, e-wallet and many more out there. The system is to get as much investors as possible who are willing to put in money into this system, then, the accumulated cash/money will be distributed to members. So as long as the existing members are still putting in real money/cash and getting new members who are willing to invest so there will a constant flow of real cash coming in to be distributed to members.

Now what will happen when there are no more new members coming in or the existing members stops putting in real cash and just hoping for new members putting in money? Of course there is no more real cash to be distributed to the members. BUT you can still see USD 0.20 coming into your account but those are only virtual money.

As I type this review, that is what happened with my JSS-Tripler account. I can still see figure (money) coming in but when I make request to withdraw the money to my, I no longer got paid since I stopped putting in real money into my JSS Tripler account. They can detect it when you stop putting real money into your account.

And up until now I still haven't got paid from JSS-Tripler although I already sent many withdraw request. Is JSS-Tripler a genuine money making system? My answer is NO, but well may be you guys got different experiences using JSS-Tripler. You are welcome to share them here.

I spent USD 120 to invest in JSS-Tripler and I got paid only once so far which is USD 20 and never get paid after that. It is not profitable at all!

Ahad, 7 Ogos 2011

Ahad, Ogos 07, 2011

Google Adsense is dead

No! At least not yet. Google Adsense is still pretty much alive today but I think this mode of advertisement will become obsolete soon and people are no longer interested in using it to make money online.

And if such, Google Adwords is also going to hit 'The End' button. Google Adsense and Google Adwords are inter-connected. There are Adsense ads on publisher webpages because there are Adwords users a.k.a advertisers.

Why? Because people now are ads-blind. They are so used to ads in webpages and most of the time they just ignore it. People are getting more educated in using the internet. They are able to distinguish related/important links and Adsense links/ads links.

They tend not to click Adsense ads because they knew that if they click on it, somebody is making money. And they don't like the idea of helping others making some money. Well..fair enough, we can't blame them.

So what is next for us publisher? Google will have to think hard about it. If not soon enough Facebook is overtaking Google. Right now, Facebook has moved many steps ahead. Now Facebook function as search engine as well and link up with Bing!

What is left for Google?

Since Adsense and Adwords is one of Google main money making machine is dying, it is high time for Google to come up with something new.

Not so long ago, Netscape tried to revive itself by coming up with new name ROCKMELT! an enhanced and upgraded search engine, combined with Facebook a networking portal. In the beginning, I thought it gonna be the next big thing, but then after many months ROCKMELT was launched, not much impact can be seen today. Is ROCKMELT melting? Couldn't say for sure but its going to be hard for them. It is getting tougher now.

So, Google Adsense is dead? Not yet but if Google don't come up with something new, publishers will leave Google and opt for smaller/alternative advertising campaign mode, may be a localized one.

Off course it is hard to replace Google, but seeing how Facebook is doing, it is not impossible, in fact it is pretty much possible.

Selasa, 2 Ogos 2011

Selasa, Ogos 02, 2011

Nuffnang server down? My Nuffnang earning back to zero

So this is about making money with Nuffnang again. So many blog posts out there was complaining about Nuffnang not paying publishers, Nuffnang cheating advertisers, difficult to earn more with Nuffnang and many more.

I was like 'Oh heck..why do I need to care about all those'

Then the other day I stumbled upon a lengthy blog post about making better money with Innity or something. I was like 'oh Gosh! I gotta switch to Innity then'

But hey, Nuffnang management team, I'm still here with Nuffnang, publishing Nuffnang ads and hoping to make something out of it.

But why?!

What happened to my Nuffnang account. The last time I checked my Nuffnang earning it was RM 40.90 and my buffered earning was about RM 27.00, surely I have no problem hitting the RM 50.00 to get paid. And today my earning back to RM 0.00 - RM 50 before I get paid? And my blog enjoy decent amount of traffics.

What is wrong with you Nuffnang? You can't maintain a server then get the hell out of this bussiness. You guys better give a good explaination why my earning back to RM 0.00. it doesn't seems good to me.

Now I'm seriously considering about switching to Innity. Who know Innity know more about how to take care of their publisher. May be they have a better, real time server to update my earning.

Nuffnang managament team, this is last warning to you!

Selasa, 5 Julai 2011

Selasa, Julai 05, 2011

Nuffnang Buffered Earning?

Nuffnang Buffered EarningAm I really getting paid from Nuffnang? Good question. I checked my Nuffnang earning this morning (in fact I've forgotten my Nuffnang account for almost about a month already) and I saw there are 11 buffered earning items in my Nuffnang account.

Should I be happy or not? I guess you will say " Oh yeah why not". I want to feel happy about my Nuffnang but this is my first experience about Nuffnang and I'm not too sure whether I'll be getting paid by Nuffnang. (*finger crossed) Hahaha.

I slapped my Nuffnang ads banners on 4 of my blog, here, here, here and here. Those blogs recieves decent amount of traffics daily. But based on my observation Nuffnang updates their earning report pretty slow. I wonder what me be the reason.

Anywhere, I can only hope that Nuffnang really pays their advertisers. I will continue to serve Nuffnang ads until I found out otherwise. That all for today. Have a nice day guys.

Khamis, 7 April 2011

Khamis, April 07, 2011

How to calculate Page Impressions for blog

I was reading one blog. The owner of this blog was bragging about his recent fat pay check from Vibrant Media and that Vibrant Media is a very good money making online as well as a good paymaster. Upon reading his blog post I was so impressed and that without wasting time I was already in Vibrant Media website to get myself registered as one of Vibrant Media publisher.

I found the website and I was ready to sign up, however, I was greeted with a cold hard truth. To be qualifed to join Vibrant Media Publishers your blog must received 500,000 page impression per month, and that killed my eagerness to join Vibrant media instantly. I wonder how many blog has the capacity to get 500,000 page impression per month. It seems tough to me.

So I was wondering how much is my page impression per month. I was looking at my pageviews and it was only 106,220 (accumulated pageviews) up until now. I really don't know what was the different between pageviews and page impression. Perhaps if some of you know something about it please share them here in the comment section. Just in case if pageviews and page impression is actually two different things then my problem would be how to calculate page impression for website of blog. Adsense seems to have a tool to calculate page impression but still, whether or not adsense page impression is applicable or can be use as the basis to calculate page impression.

After searching high and low, I came a cross with Somebody wrote one article about this subject and it seems this article was the more reliable one, at least for the time being. The followings is how to calculate page impression from

How to calculate page impression

The act of loading a webpage constitutes one page impression. Page impressions are distinct from hits in that they describe the loading of a URL, whereas a hit describes the loading of each file within that URL (for instance, if there are images within the webpage, each separate file accrues an additional hit). Calculating and tracking page impressions requires the installation of analytics software. There are a wide variety of free and paid analytics applications that can be used to record page impressions and other web traffic data.

Calculating Page Impressions Using Web-based Analytics Software

1. Sign up for the web-based analytics software of your preference (see Resources for options).

2. Install the JavaScript tracking code on the web pages you wish to track. Almost all web-based analytics packages use small JavaScript applications to register visitor traffic. These scripts should be placed in the element of your HTML webpage and will track a large range of data related to each visit.

3. Access your web-based analytics reporting panel to view page impression data. After installing the software, it should begin recording data immediately. As time passes, the data recorded will become more robust as the number of visits increase, and you will be able to determine average page impressions and other information.

Calculating Page Impressions Using Server-Side Analytics Software

1. Download the server-side analytics software of your preference (see Resources for options).

2. Install the server-side analytics software onto your web server. Many of these packages rely on SQL databases to record data, so there may be a need to configure the software to connect with an additional database on your server.

3. Install the JavaScript tracking code on the web pages you wish to track. Like web-based analytics software, server-side tracking requires that you include a JavaScript application to track visitor traffic. The script should be placed in the element of your HTML webpage.

4. Access your server-side analytics software administrative panel to view page impression data. After installing the software, it should begin recording data immediately. As time passes, the data recorded will become more robust as the number of visits increase, and you will be able to determine average page impressions and other information.

Selasa, 29 Mac 2011

Selasa, Mac 29, 2011

Make money with Nuffnang is impossible!!!

My Nuffnang ads has been around in my blog for about three months now. I would like to remind you that my blog is receiving a decent amount of organic traffic from search engine plus I also slapped Nuffnang ads block on my 3 other high traffic blogs and guess what? I checked my Nuffnang account a couple of minutes ago and my earning is still a freaking RM0.50!!! Can't you believe it?

I don't think Nuffnang is for me. I've been observing the Nuffnang ads pattern on my blog and all they have for me is Airasia, MilkADeal,DiGi, Prudential and Maxis ads. How do you expect to earn any money with that kind of ads being shown into your website or blog? When there are millions of other blogs are showing the same ads, when readers are already so used to those ads because there are no other ads to be served to your blog. Limited number of advertisers in Nuffnang?

If that is the case I think Nuffnang is dying and is no longer a profitable or good option to make money from the internet. How can you allow your website or blog being abused to show the same ads all the time? People will get so used to those ads and become ads blind. This is certainly not a very good sign for you if you are still thinking about making money with Nuffnang.

I've made my decision. I'm going to give it another month until the end of April 2011 and if my earning is still a freaking RM0.50 I am going to remove all of those Nuffnang ads blocks from all of my blogs and website. So Nuffnang team, you better work harder to find more advertiser so that you can server variety of Nuffnang ads to your publishers out here.

Do you have any other interesting experiences making money with Nuffnang? I would love to hear them here. Feel free to reply, comment or rebut my blog post if you like. I'm reaching my limit with Nuffnang.

Selasa, 22 Mac 2011

Selasa, Mac 22, 2011

All porn website would have .XXX Top Level Domain

This is the latest development related to those pornographic sites out there. The Internet Corporation has reached a concensus recently. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has approved the .XXX top-level domain (TLD) at March 18th, 2011. The “dot triple X” TLD is intended as a voluntary option for sexually explicit sites on the Internet.

There are mix opinion but generally the issue is decided already will will going to take effect soon.
Many (.XXX top level domain nameICANN) board members spoke out about their votes. A couple stated they were concerned this decision will upset governments. Multiple board members said they voted in favor in part because if .xxx isn’t approved now then a .xxx will certainly be submitted and approved in the new TLD process. This .xxx would be unrestricted. (Domain Name Wire)
The registration fee for .XXX domain is going to be more expensive. ICM Registry said it would charge $60/year (Current .com domain registration fee is $10).

XXX domain is only available for the adult entertainment industry. The contract will require anyone registering a .XXX domain to complete an application process endorsed and overseen by the International Foundation for Online Responsibility (IFFOR).

What’s the benefits of .XXX domain?

With the restriction of .XXX contract, the porn site’s clients would be more protected from the risk of viruses, identity theft, credit card fraud and inadvertent exposure to child abuse images. It will also provide individuals and parents who wish to avoid adult entertainment sites the opportunity to filter out unwanted .XXX material.

Khamis, 17 Mac 2011

Khamis, Mac 17, 2011

Nuffnang sucks all the way!!!

Some of you are not going to love this blog post. May be some of you who are reading this blog post at the moment are avid Nuffnang ads publisher. But that is not the point of this blog post. I just want to prove to you that Nuffnang is sucks all the way. Why Nuffnang will fails?

If you have a blog and receivingnuffnang ads,blog advertising,community,nuffnang awards,nuffnang blogger,ads by nuffnang a decent amount of traffics from search engine, and now you are thinking about monetize your blog with Nuffnang, think again. Some people created a blog, register Nuffnang account then slapped a couple of Nuffnang HTML codes into your blog then hoping for the money to start rolling into your bank account? My answer is a big NO.

This blog received decent amount of organic traffics from search engine. My income from other online program is pretty good at the moment. Thinking about supporting Malaysian online advertisement company as well as trying to make more money online I registered an account with Nuffnang. I was happy at the beginning. I slapped a couple of Nuffnang HTML codes into this blog.

So what is the result I got from Nuffnang? After waited for 2 months the same ads appear on my blog and so my income from Nuffnang hasn't change at all, it is still a freaking RM0.50. And the same ads appear until now? I'm getting pissed with it. Now guys, do you think Nuffnang is a good make money online? That result shows that you can't make money online with Nuffnang. It is time to go on with other things. Thats mean Nuffnang is sucks all the way and not a good platform to make money online.

Some of you probably thinking about I'm just creating this story to attract more visitors into this blog, but then again I'm not the only one who thinks Nuffnang is sucks. There are so many people out there who are pissed with Nuffnang. You can read about it HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

I believe there are more make money online program out there fro you to try out.

Sabtu, 26 Februari 2011

Sabtu, Februari 26, 2011

BeautifulNara gossip blog that makes huge money

There are so many gossip blogs out there but BEAUTIFULNARA is the most outstanding, and, that blog according to my own research is making between RM 5,000 - RM 10,000 or may be more every single month to the blog owner. May be that figure is nothing like what (who makes USD 40,000 / month) is getting but for a gossip blog, that figure above is really something.

So what are the creterias that I used to evaluate the income of I was looking at the blog ads space monthly rental fees to come up with the above figures. That valuation is based on the ads space monthly rental alone, and I believe is also displaying ads from Nuffnang which I think also making huge money for the owner of

This blog is getting page view at average of 500 - 1000 visitor every single minutes. Imagine how much visitors he is getting per day or per month. That is a very huge figure and mind you this blog is already become one of the authority in gossip blogs in Malaysia in Google search engine. Hat off to the owner of this blog. This guys is really amazing.

There is more. This guy is also running several other blog namely,, and, and those blogs are also receiving huge number of organic traffics every single minutes, and, those blogs are also offering ads space and displaying Nuffnang ads. Putting together all of this I think the earlier income figure above is no longer accurate and I'd be happy to settle down to this new figure. I think blog owner is getting between RM 10,000 - RM 15,000 per month from all of the blogs that under his care.

So for those of you that are still skeptical about whether or not blogging is making money, you better think again. But then again, it is not an easy thing. You need to work hard for it. I could imagine all the hard works, time and money spent for the owner of BeautifulNara blog owner need to endure to come to what it is today. is indeed one of my favorite gossip blog. It motivates me to work harder for my blog although it is not an easy one.

Congratulation BeautifulNara!!!

Isnin, 21 Februari 2011

Isnin, Februari 21, 2011

MasterJohn SEO Services In Malaysia???

I was looking for some Search Engine Optimization tips and tricks for blog based in Malaysia and stumbled upon this webpage MasterJohn.Net who claims himself as an SEO expert in Malaysia. The owner of that blog is offering Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services in Malaysia.

Honestly, I was interested to get their services to optimize my blog's SEO to increase ranking in Google search engine. I haven't decided yet whether or not to get their SEO Services in Malaysia.

By the way this webpage details is as follows:-
Age: Since April 07, 2004 (About 7 Years)
Google PR: PR 2
Alexa Rank: 1465762
Backlinks: 2,544
Price: 0
Are there anyone ever used their SEO Services in Malaysia to get your website or blog to to 10 in Google PageRanking? If you did, please share your opinion here as I want to make a decision very soon.

I'm looking forward to make more money online and that getting my blog a better ranking in Google search engine is my biggest dream.

As you all are well-aware that if your blog is on a top ranking, that is when the money to start rolling into your account. It is because you will be getting massive organic traffics from Google. Please give me some idea if there are any other SEO Services provider in Malaysia otherwise I'm seriously considering MasterJohn SEO Services for my blog.