Memaparkan catatan dengan label Malaysian Artist. Papar semua catatan
Memaparkan catatan dengan label Malaysian Artist. Papar semua catatan

Selasa, 22 November 2011

Selasa, November 22, 2011

Lux Fazura Meet and Greet at Giant

Fazura with her young fan
Petaling Jaya, 19 November 2011 – Fans of LUX Star Nur Fazura had the opportunity to meet her in person, get an autograph and even add some glamour to their photo albums with a personal shot when she made an appearance at the Giant hypermarket in Kota Damansara today.

Fazura met up with her fans in conjunction with the launch of the One Unilever Fair tie-up with Giant, which featured the entire range of Unilever brands from food and home care right up to personal care products such as LUX, Lifebuoy, Knorr, Lady’s Choice, Lipton, Planta, Breeze, Ekonomi Handalan, Clear, Dove, Fair & Lovely, Pond's, Rexona and Sunsilk.

“LUX has always been associated with the allure and glamour of celebrities, so the presence of a popular beauty such as Fazura at the fair will allow her fans and shoppers at Giant to experience a touch of glamour with her presence,” said LUX’s Brand Manager of Personal Wash, Tanya Teng.
LUX Star Fazura
“Those who purchase LUX products worth a minimum of RM15 at the fair will also be rewarded with instant give-aways at the LUX booth where they can acquire the luxury, allure and sensuality of the LUX body shower range which provides every woman with soft, silky smooth and alluring fragrance that lingers after each shower”, she added.

LUX comes in a range of six variants which are; Soft Touch, Velvet Touch, Magical Spell, Secret Bliss, White Impress and Wake Me Up. The LUX body wash range not only smells divine but also contains a blend of precious silk protein and fruit extracts to draw out the natural beauty and sensuality of every woman by making the skin smooth and radiant.

The secret behind the lovely and alluring scent of the LUX body washes lies in the Fragrance Pearls which have been designed to protectively capture the precious perfume oils and release them as lather.

The LUX body wash ranges are available at all outlets carrying LUX products throughout Malaysia, priced at RM15.90 (for a 700ml bottle) and RM5.90 (for a 220ml bottle). Refill pouches are also available at RM8.90 (for a 600ml pack).

Sunduvan: So thinking  about getting full set of LUX product now, a high quality and affordable products.

Jumaat, 25 Mac 2011

Jumaat, Mac 25, 2011

Marsha Milan Londoh converts to Islam?

Love story between Marsha Milan Londoh and her boyfriend Mr. Z has surface all over the internet recently. It was reported in that Marsha Milan Londoh 26, had already took Mr.Z to see her parent in Sabah last December 2010.

This news has sparked the speculation about Marsha Milan Londoh converts to Islam since Mr. Z is a Malay and also a Muslim.

Whether she is going to converts to Islam is her rights. I think we all Sabahan had done our best to put her at where she is now. Yeah.. we spent so much money sending SMS votes for her during the Akademi Fantasia.

According to, Mr.Z was in Sabah to visit Marsha's family last December 2010 during her birthday party.

Are they going to get married soon? According to Marsha, the two of them do not have any planning into it yet but she said that she prefer Malay guy.

So the news about Marsha Milan Londoh converts to Islam is still just a rumors. Let us not to talk too much about it for the time being.
Marsha Milan Londoh converts to Islam,Mr.Z visit Marsha Milan Londoh family in Sabah

Jumaat, 11 Mac 2011

Jumaat, Mac 11, 2011

Ella in World Rock Festival in Moscow Russia

Ella to rock Russia
By Steven Patrick
Rock queen Ella will be playing a 45-minute-set at the World Rock Festival in Moscow, Russia in mid-June.

She will be representing Malaysia at the festival, alongside international acts like Slash and Linkin Park.

She was stunned when she found out she was chosen for the mega-concert.

"I am very honoured and plan to play some of my greatest hits like Layar Impian," she said.

Ella was chosen on the strength of a performance she did in St Petersburg last November.

It was a special performance in aid of the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF), where she performed 6 songs .

"How did the WWF get my name? The googled Asian rock queens and found a Wikipedia page on me and they contacted me," she said.

Ella is currently recording a new album that will be ready in May.

Her last album, Rama Rama was released in 2007 under the Warner label.


Rabu, 9 Mac 2011

Rabu, Mac 09, 2011

Sazzy Falak pregnant photos

This is the latest photo of Sazzy Falak taken recently. It seems there are so many people are really interested to look for Sazzy Falak's pregnant photos. Not to disappoint you, i took the trouble to look for the photos and here it is.

One thing I noticed that Sazzy Falak looks so cute and glowing in those photos. I took this photo from Thanks so much You guys are the best.
Sazzy Falak's pregnant photos. Pregnant and medical check for healthy childLook for more Sazzy Falak's pregnant photo in

Khamis, 3 Mac 2011

Khamis, Mac 03, 2011

Siti Nurhaliza latest album 2011 in English

To those who are Siti Nurhaliza fans, there is a good news for you. Siti Nurhaliza is coming out with a new album this year. So this should end all the waiting for her to produce a new songs album.
Siti Nurhaliza latest album 2011 in English
But this time Siti Nurhaliza new album that's expected to fully completed in 2011 is in English language. Ohh she eventually opted to sing English songs.

I think that should be OK. So she can market her album internationally and even tours the world to promote her new album.

'Malaysia Boleh' slogan could be demonstrated and put into reality in Siti Nurhaliza latest album 2011.

According to some rumors Siti Nurhaliza is already completed 6 songs so far for the album. I can't wait for it. Siti's voice is similar to Mariah Carey.

Anyway, let us wait for Siti Nurhaliza's latest album in 2011. We hope all the best to Datuk Siti Nurhaliza.
Khamis, Mac 03, 2011

Cheryl Samad getting married

This news is not yet confirmed but there are rumors going around saying this pretty lady Cheryl Samad is getting married soon.

It was reported that Cheryl Samad will get married with a Chinese guy. We don't care whether the person is a Malay, Indian or Chinese, are we? We still don't know the name of Cheryl Samad soon-to-be husband. But I think we will know his name very soon.

According to some rumors, invitation card for Cheryl Samad wedding ceremony has already been sent out. Wahh..where is my invitation... *sob..sob

If this rumors about Cheryl Samad getting married is true, I want to be amongst the first to say 'Congratulations!' to her.

Anyway, whatever it is, let us pray and hope for the best for Cheryl Samad. We will continue to support her work in entertainment industry.

Rabu, 2 Mac 2011

Rabu, Mac 02, 2011

Daphne Iking latest photos

I found Daphne Iking or Dahlia Daphne Eleanor Iking latest photos in Muslim attire this morning. I'm not sure whether or not this is really her photo since there are so many photoshop wizards out there who can manipulate pictures as they wishes.

Anyway, whether the photos is really Daphne Iking's new photos or not, that looks beautiful. I guess beautiful people will always looks beautiful in whatever attire they put on.

Recently, Daphne Iking admits that her life now is much better with so much peace of mind. Good for you Daphne, we hope nothing but the best for you.

Ahad, 27 Februari 2011

Ahad, Februari 27, 2011

Daphne Iking daughter photos

Daphne Iking's Daugther Picture Photo Daphne Iking's Child Picture PhotoThis little cute girl is Isobel Daniella Iking-Chong was Daphne Iking daughter. She looks just beautiful like her momy Daphne Iking or now known as Dahlia Iking.

More Daphne Iking daughter photos below.
Ahad, Februari 27, 2011

(Photos)Aishah Sinclair No HIV Inside

Who is the owner of No HIV Inside?You probably are scratching your head to find out who is the owner of this tummy 'No HIV Inside'. Scratch or search no more. This tummy with the writing 'No HIV Inside' is belong to Aishah Sinclair.

The photos was taken when Aishah Sinclair was pregnant during the AIDSAware campaign. This is none other but Aishah Sinclair creative idea. I salute Aishah Sinclair for this idea to help the AIDSAware campaign to raise public awareness about the danger of HIV.

Anyway, that photos was when Aishah Sinclair was pregnant, and right now this is her new looks. Aishah Sinclair looks gorgeous.

Photo Sources:

Isnin, 21 Februari 2011

Isnin, Februari 21, 2011

Fazura Lux's New Ambassador 2011

Fazura Luz's New AmbassadorBeing appointed to become Lux's new Ambassador is not an easy thing to achieve. It requires many things that I don't think there are so many people posses it.

This year Fazura is the one that was chosen to become Lux's new Ambassador. I think this is a right and good choice. If you look at the above photos of Fazura, she looks very beautiful. Congratulations Fazura, you deserve it.

The previous Lux Ambassadors amongst others was Ramona Rahman, Joanna Bassey, Shiela Majid, Erra Fazira and Amy Mastura. would like to tak this opportunity to once again congratulates Fazura for been selected to become Lux's Ambassador in Malaysia. All the best to Fazura.

Sabtu, 29 Januari 2011

Sabtu, Januari 29, 2011

Gensekii Malaysia's J Rock Group

Gensekii Kuala Lumpur J GroupGensekii a Kuala Lumpur based music group was formed in 2009. It consists of 4 people namely Yum (vocal), Kerry (Guitar), Eba (Bass) and Azzam (Drum). The band is using and much influenced by Japanese music concept.

Gensekii in Japanese language means 'Rock' and the band is greatly influenced by some of the rock band in Japan such as The Predator, X-Japan, Glay, L'Arc-en-Ciel, Asian Kungfu Generation, Neo Universe, Deen and many others.

Their latest Enjoice single 'Jauhi Aku' is already in the market.

Isnin, 10 Januari 2011

Isnin, Januari 10, 2011

Ana Raffali Tolong Ingatkan Aku AJL TV3 Winner

Ana Raffali with her song Tolong Ingatkan Aku was choosen to be the winner in AJL TV3 a couple of nights ago. By looking at the title of the song one can see the messege behind the song. Only by looking at the title of the song I fell in-love with it.

Congratulations to Ana Raffali or Ana Nur Hidayah binti Mohd Raffali for the succesful performances. We hope that she will be more succesful in the future. For those who are looking for the song's lyric, I have it down here for you.

Lirik Tolong Ingatkan Aku – Ana Raffali

Jangan disusun kata-kata penamat
Jangan disebut baris ayat keramat
Biar lenyap diserap sunyi
Biar senyap yang tak menyepi

Tolong ingatkan aku
Kisah kau tersedar
Dengan saku penyeluk masa

Mari patahkan papan markah lama
Mari padamkan buku tiga lima
Biar luka sembuh sendiri
Biar lupa ditebus hari

Tolong ingatkan aku
Kisah kau tersedar
Dengan saku penyeluk masa
Kau dampingi aku
Setiap detik jantungku berdetak
Setiap nota jiwaku berlagu-lagu

Bila marah merasuk minda
Kecewa menyelubungi jiwa
Aku lupa

Ulang Chorus

Tolong ingatkan aku kisah kita
Tolong ingatkan aku
Kisah ku tersedar
Dengan kasih memeluk rasa

Tolong ingatkan
Setiap detik jantungku berdetak
Setiap nota jiwaku berlagu-lagu

Tolong ingatkan aku
Kisah kita
Tolong ingatkan aku
Kisah ku tersedar
Dengan kasih memeluk rasa

Tolong ingatkan aku
Kisah kita

Rabu, 5 Januari 2011

Rabu, Januari 05, 2011

KAMI Raja Lawak Season 5, 2011

Raja Lawak KAMI musim ke-5The participants for Raja Lawak Season 5, year 2011 is already finalised. There are women participants this time and named the group as KAMI. I personally particularly interested and paying much attention to KAMI as having women participants in Raja Lawak is something new.

I believe KAMI Raja Lawak season 5 will do their best to come out as the winner for Raja Lawak 5, 2011. All the best for them and hope they perform well.

KAMI Facebook is available. I'm one of the first 10 members in KAMI Facebook. Support KAMI Raja Lawak 5 by becoming a member in their facebook. It is very simple, just click the button 'like' to become the KAMI Facebook fan member.

Good luck KAMI Raja Lawak season 5 year 2011.

Isnin, 3 Januari 2011

Isnin, Januari 03, 2011

Raja Lawak 5 Begin 7 January 2011

Raja Lawak musim ke-5 Kumpulan KAMIFor those who are waiting for Raja Lawak season 5, it will start on 7 January 2011.

Several well-known hosts such as Johan and Zizan will be hosting the Raja Lawak 2011.

The judges will be Farouk Hussin, Afdlin Shauki and probably Sathya.

The best thing in Raja Lawak this tme is there will be a women participants. We hope this will make the competetion much better than the last season.

Can't wait to see the Raja Lawak season 5 on 6 January 2011.

Sabtu, 25 Disember 2010

Sabtu, Disember 25, 2010

(Gambar)Fasha Sandha Naik Helikopter

Fasha Sandha naik helikopter JejaiGambar di atas Fasha Sandha bergaya didepan helikopter Jejai sejurus sebelum dibawa bersiar-siar oleh Jejai. Woooo..Kaya juga Jejai sampai ada helikopter sendiri yer? Tapi, Jejai yang kaya ke atau bapa Jejai yang kaya?

yalah sekali sekala dapat Fasha Sandha naik helikopter apalah salahnya yer tak? Ala..naik jer, kita tak jealous pun.

Ahad, 19 Disember 2010

Ahad, Disember 19, 2010

(Facebook)Amy Search Facebook???

Amy Search FacebookMemang tidak terduga insan sibuk seperti Amy Search juga ada akaun facebook. Aku tengah mencari lyrics lagu Isabella Amy Search dan terserempak pulak dengan Amy Search Facebook.

Apa lagi terus aku terkam click 'like' di Amy Search Facebook. Banyak juga fan facebook Amy Search, termasuk aku semuanya berjumlah 7807 orang semuanya.

Apa yang peliknya Amy Search Facebook ini tidak pernah diupdate. Tak ade ape dalam Facebook itu.

Kerana tak ada apa yang perlu dibaca di wall Amy Search Facebook aku meneruskan usaha untuk mencari Amy Search lyrics lagu dan juga lagu-lagu MP3 Amy Search.

Teringat semasa zaman kegemilangan kumpulan Search, banyak lagu-lagu mereka yang sedap untuk didengar. Apa pun kita tetap akan menyokong bakat seni Amy Search. Sila lawat di sini kepada yang hendak melawat Amy Search Facebook.

Khamis, 16 Disember 2010

Khamis, Disember 16, 2010

(Gambar)Dafi Ala Adam Lambert!!!

Dafi gaya ala Adam LambertTidak ada benda lain ke artis-artis kita nak buat selain berangan nak tiru image artis barat? Bebaru ini di majlis hari jadinya yang ke-22 Dafi muncul dengan gaya ala Adam Lambert pulak. Ini kesnya sama dengan Didie Alias muncul di khalayak ramai dengan gaya ala Lady Gaga. Ada- ada je.

Tengok-tengok gaya ala Adam Lambert Dafi ni dah memakan diri. Ramai yang kurang bersetuju dengan image penampilan beliau hari itu.

Macam terlebih over pulak yer... siap pasang celak mata lagi..yo!!!

Tak apalah. Tiru gaya Adam Lambert sekali sekala itu masih kira boleh terima akal. Cuma kita harap Dafi tak tiru gaya gay Adam Lambert. Kalau Dafi sampai ke tahap itu nanti lebih banyak gosip hangat yang keluar nanti.

Apa pun marilah kita sokong Dafi artis malaysia kita supaya terus maju dalam bidang yang diceburinya.

Isnin, 6 Disember 2010

Isnin, Disember 06, 2010

(Gambar)Rebecca Al-Islam Akan Berkhawin!!!

Rebecca Al-Islam weddingKhabar angin kuat mengatakan Rebecca Al-Islam bakal melangsungkan perkhawinan dalam bulan December ini. Dan khabarnya Choppard akan menaja perkhawinan beliau ini. Ini adalah berita baik kepada peminat-peminat Rebecca Al-Islam akan berkhawin tidak lama lagi.

Bertuah’nya badan, jenama jam terkenal Choppard begitu berani menaja set hiasan perkahwinan Rebecca Al-Islam kerana sudah menjadi pelanggan setia Choppard sejak 6 tahun lepas. Sidang media majlis perkahwinan dia juga akan diadakan di butik Choppard, KLCC pada 10 Disember ini. Empunya calon suami, masih kekal rahsia.

Jam-jam bernilai antara belasan ribu hingga ratusan ribu sering menjadi buruan para VIP & hartawan. Antara selebriti yang pernah menyarung jenama Choppard ialah penghibur no 1, Siti Nurhaliza.

Fuh, sudah tentu majlis kahwin Rebecca penuh gilang gemilang, mungkin juga boleh ditakrifkan sebagai wedding of the year, selepas Siti Nurhaliza dan Mawi. Nantikan penuh debar majlis sidang media nanti.
Isnin, Disember 06, 2010

(Gambar)Mizz Nina Bogel???

Mizz Nina Blackberry TorchJangan percaya khabar angin tersebut. Kami sudah cuba membuat pengesahan sama ada betul atau tidak ada gambar bogel Mizz Nina di internet tetapi memang tidak ada. Ini bukan pasal Mizz Nina seksi atau bogel tetapi sekadar gambar beliau tanpa makeup bersama dengan Blackberry Torch barunya.

Apa pun memang Mizz Nina kelihatan cantik dan menawan walaupun tanpa makeup. Selamat maju jaya Mizz Nina. Kami tetap menyokong anda.

Sunduvan: Tengah tengok ape? Blackberry Torch atau wajah Mizz Nina?