Memaparkan catatan dengan label Rungus. Papar semua catatan
Memaparkan catatan dengan label Rungus. Papar semua catatan

Sabtu, 5 November 2011

Sabtu, November 05, 2011

Rungus NCR Land.

Recently, there was a news from Sandakan about a Pengerusi JKK was arrested and locked up in Beluran police station because he was protesting when a big company came to their kampung to open up and take away the area from them. Rubber trees owned by the kampung people was mercilessly destroyed.

During which, a group of police deployed there not to protect the kampung people but, to help the company so that the company's workers can do their job. The kampung people demanded some letters/prove as to find out who it was gave the approval or rights for the company but the police was not cooperating.

There are so many other similar cases where NCR land was given away to companies, resulting kampung people chased away from their NCR land. Most of the time, the government used government agencies in the name of development to confused the people so that they stay silent and surrender their NCR land.

Many years from now, we will see massive local people displacement all over the state of Sabah. The local will soon finds themselves become a 'pelarian' in their own kampung. They do not have land for agriculture or to build their house anymore.

After the land is turned into an estate like MESEJ or SLDB, you can't simply go in and plant something or build a house on that land. They will chase you out, far away as possible.

N4 Matunggung now is facing great challenges ahead. I was told that Forestry Department is turning huge area into a Forest Reserve. But there are no that much virgin forest in N4 Matunggung anymore. I was informed that 13 villages has been identified and will become the victim in this exercise by Forestry Department. More people will lose NCR land, resulting more people without land in the future.

And the government use 'environment' as excuses for this exercise. But at the same breath they are going to open up Maliau Basin to become a mining area soon. Aren't the government supposed to preserve/protect Maliau Basin?

If Forestry Department is going ahead with the plan to gazette huge area in N4 Matunggung to become a forest reserve, I can see more Rungus 'merempat' in their very own land in Matunggung.

What is next? It is time to show the people power. N4 Matunggung has been under PBS/Barisan Nasional (BN) far too long already. I can see this is the reason why they are daring enough to do anything in N4 Matunggung. May be in their eyes, the Rungus people is easy to dealt with. I once overheard some coffee shop talk about Pairin have said '..di N4 Matunggung letak anjing bertanding sana pun boleh menang asal atas tiket PBS'. I don't know whether it is true or not, but if it is true, this is an insult to our intelligent!

This is simply means, we the people in N4 Matunggung can't even differentiate between human and dog. So here we are, receiving the end-result of our faithful support to PBS all this while, more and more NCR land is going away from the very hand of our people.

Now as I said earlier, we must unite and demonstrate the 'people power'. If we need to change the government to protect what is belong to us, let just do it. How long more do we need to wait? Until everything are taken away from us?

If we were to protect what is dear and important to us, we should act now. We should unite and help each other. If we need to raise fund to bring those NCR land issues to the court of law, we share the cost. If we need to go down on the road marching to Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) to protest, we do it together regardless of your political inclination. We are struggling and fighting for common cause, protecting our NCR land for our next generation. I don't want that one day, the future generation of Rungus start questioning why we did not fight during our time to ensure NCR lands can be passed down to them. They will remember us as USELESS ancestors. You won't be sleeping peacefully in your grave if that happen.

So let us begin with the first step. Let us unite, teach them some lesson to be more respectful to our rights. Rights to own a land, rights to call our kampung as home.

Selasa, 18 Oktober 2011

Selasa, Oktober 18, 2011

Rungus Associations

I must say that the Rungus people are developing at an amazing speed. It was reported in many newspapers in Malaysia that the Rungus people is the poorest community in Malaysia. I beg to differ, this statement is not accurate. May be next time  I should write something on that issue.  At the time I wrote this piece, Jelani Hamdan a Rungus had just launched Ginavoku Ginavonu the first Rungus telefilm. Still there are talks in town that the telefilm should not be labeled as Rungus telefilm as only 20% of the language used in that telefilm is in Rungus language.

We should not missed the most important message behind it. I'm of the opinion that, since it was produced by Jelani Hamdan a Rungus and the president of Sabah Momogun Rungus Association (SAMORA), it is a Rungus telefilm. After all, it was never labelled as Rungus language telefilm. Can we agree on that? I don't care if you don't agree. I'm entitle to my personal opinion. Sometime, we should learn to agree to disagree.

Since we mentioned SAMORA, let talk something about Rungus associations. At the time I typed away this piece, we have at least four if not more Rungus associations namely Sabah Momogun Rungus Association (SAMORA), Rungus Cultural Association (RCA), Sabah Rungus Cultural and Heritage Association (SARUCHA) and PIISAAN. Three of them are newly formed while SAMORA has been around for many years already. 

What is the big idea talking about Rungus Association? There are coffee shop talks going around, about some people complaining/questioning why there is too many associations for Rungus. After all the total number of Rungus people is only around 300 thousands. That  figure is what had been published in the newspaper. You may think 300 thousand is just a small number, while some people consider that is a big number. 

So question remains, what is the point of having many Rungus associations. If you ask me, I have no problem with having many Rungus associations. I'm taking it in a more positive manner. Many associations means many organisation to turn to for help, to compliment each other and doing other things which probably not covered/done by the other association. One association surely will not be able or capable to cover wide ranges of issues related to Rungus community.

Having said the above, each association should concentrate on doing specific thing and develop/help bring out the best of that specific thing for the betterment/improvement of Rungus community.  Eventually, that association (it members) will become so expert about that specific thing/item that we can consider them expert on that field. If we could achieved that stage, we will be more organized and probably the government will be more attentive to our requests in the future.

However, those Rungus association president should not drag around the association entrusted on you into politics. Association shall remain free of politics. So do we need more association for Rungus community? My answer is a big YES.

Ahad, 16 Oktober 2011

Ahad, Oktober 16, 2011


I seldom write a review about other people blog, but this time I'm going to introduce to you one particular blog that I think pretty interesting. I know many of you are looking for some latest information about Rungus community as well as Kudat. I stumbled upon this particular blog several months ago, and, ever since I wanted to write something about this blog but haven't had some free time to really sit down and write about MATUNGGONG KINI blog. 

Yes.. I'm talking about Matunggong Kini blog. I had a nice chit chat with the person  behind Matunggong Kini during the launching of the first Rungus telemovie Ginavoku Ginavonu. The person behind Matunggong Kini is one of the Ginavoku Ginavonu crew members. He is one of the best photographer from Rungus community.

So what is so special about Matunggong Kini blog? I can't list them down here, but one thing for sure this blog is updated regularly with some fresh news items related to Kudat and Rungus people.

The blog covers almost every issues such as politics, economics, socials, entertainment and many more. If you ask me, I'm happy to recommend you Matunggong Kini to be one of your must read blog.

Isnin, 11 Julai 2011

Isnin, Julai 11, 2011


momogun fm,,rungus radio onlineI'm so happy to share this information with you, that MOMOGUN FM a Momogun People online radio was launched recently. A group of young people took up the challenge to setup MOMOGUN FM to provide entertainment, information sharing and online shopping or Momogun marketplace for the people.

I was informed that Momogun FM was launched last week. I visited their webpage at and was so impressed with it. I hope that this online radio will survive and move ahead to do bigger roles and responsibility to provide entertainment, promoting Momogun or Rungus cultures and many more in the future.

I had some chit chat with the administrators of Momogun FM. They told me that the radio channel will be fully run in Rungus language and the future plan was to setup Momogun Foundation. They are still working on a paperwork to make it possible and I believe that they can do it.

Once again I want to use this particular blog post to congratulate them for this well-done job. You guys are awesome and I will try my best to support MOMOGUN FM

Khamis, 21 April 2011

Khamis, April 21, 2011

Rungus FM

Rungus FM Sabah Momogun Rungus Association (SAMORA)As I type away this blog items, a joget song from Rungus FM a dedicated radio channel for Rungus community is being aired. Honestly, I'm so proud of those who created Rungus FM or RUNGUSFM for the people of Rungus. If you are talking about moving on to a more advance society, having a radio dedicated for Rungus is one of the first thing we should have.

When the Japanese was occupying Sabah, none are allowed to have radio or TV. The reason was, to prevent the people from getting any news or information that may trigger the formation of certain group or movement to go against the Japanese. If the people are constantly being feed by so much information and news they tend to become wiser and will be able to make an informed and calculated decision.

Radio is where we can share information quicker and cheaper. Of course setting up a radio channel will cost you some money but once it is established all you will need is a dedicated individual to run the show. For this I respect Jelani Hamdan or well-known as Tuan JH in Facebook community and his team for all the efforts, time and money spent on making RungusFM a success.

Hopefully through Rungus FM, it will be much easier for the Rungus community to share information to each other, especially information about business opportunities, educations, job etc.

If you are interested to join Rungus FM and interested to further information visit Rungus FM Facebook HERE or listen to RUNGUSFM HERE.

Jumaat, 14 Januari 2011

Jumaat, Januari 14, 2011 - Radio Channel For Rungus Community

I stumbled upon this webpage so called as Rungus.FM or This radio channel was setup by a group of dedicated individuals from Rungus community, and, the main purpose of this online Rungus Radio channel is as a place for Rungus people to learn Rungus language, culture and listening some Rungus musics.

I must express my sincere gratitude to those who work hard and tirelessly to get the Rungus FM channel a reality.

Let us support this Rungus FM. I believe there are still many rooms for improvement and I am sure they are working on it. Congratulation for the job well done guys. Thank you.

Selasa, 26 Oktober 2010

Selasa, Oktober 26, 2010

Milau Dam Kudat - The Great Waterless Dam in Kudat

The people whom are effected by the construction of another white elephant project the Milau Dam in Kudat are still crying asking and hoping for some help for a new home. Hundreds of people lost their Native Customary Right (NCR) land and also the home they had been live-in for so long to give way for the construction of the great waterless Milau Dam in Kudat.

The issue until today is still being discussed everywhere including in one of the most popular community portal Facebook. It seems the taking over of the said area for the Milau dam has not received the blessing  from the people of Kudat.

Some people may think the Kudat people especially the Rungus community rejects development. If that is what in your mind, you are totally wrong. The rejection is due to several factors.

1. The way they acquired the land was questionable. The people had not been consulted and survey had not been carried out. It seems the whole thing was secretly arrange until the day when heavy machineries started coming into the area. The question is why the people was not consulted? Rumors said that the Ketua Kampung (KK) in the mentioned area was forced to sign the agreement as well as to hide the plan to take over the area. I would blame both the Ketua Kampung and the respective parties  orchestra the whole arrangement.

2. The people's land was not adequately compensated. They were paid way below the land market value and rumors said that some of the payment was done through some middlemen. After that the effected people was left to by themselves to find a new place as their new home. It is not like hundreds of years ago where you can simple go somewhere and build your house. In those days lands are not yet personalized. 

3. The dam is waterless. The area is in fact not suitable to construct a water reservoir  as there are no big river  to supply water to the newly constructed dam. So where do we get the water for the dam? Don't tell me now that we will have to construct another water reservoir in Bengkoka river in Pitas and channel the water to Milau dam. Why the dam was there in the first place?  I think even a little child will be able to tell you that if you build a dam there, there will be no water to fill up the dam. The question now is what are we going to do with that damn dam?

4. Land grabbing is the main issue here. We agree that the government has the right to take over any area for public purposes. We never argue about that but the method that was used to take over the area was questionable.

Dr. Felix Chong has the most accurate account regarding to this Milau dam. You may visit Dr. Felix Chong blog here.

The Way Forward.

We the people of Kudat from now on know who is friend and who is the enemy. We the younger generation in Kudat should work together to ensure such thing will not going to happen again in the future.

We have been voting for Barisan Nasional (BN) for very long time now. I think this must stop once and for all. It is now time for a change. We should not expect the grass is green forever, and there is a time when we really  have to decide what we really need for the people. New dawn is coming, it is in our hand to make sure it becomes a reality.

Selasa, 9 Februari 2010

Selasa, Februari 09, 2010

SAMORA New Forum Site. Congratulation!

Congratulation! to Sabah Momogun Rungus Association or better known as SAMORA. SAMORA have taken one step forward by having its forum site here. Last time I wrote about SAMORA here, which I mentioned about the needs for SAMORA to have its own official website or at least a forum site.
It is indeed a very good move by SAMORA being an association in which one of its aims is to be an organisation where we can refer to in matters related to culture, social, wellfare or almost anything that related to the Rungus people.
I believe that the forum site of SAMORA can be use wisely by both those SAMORA office bearers in this organisation and the people. Having said that, I hope that only those fruitful opinions, suggestion or ideas are to be published. Those ideas, opinions and suggestion that is not contributing to the betterment of our community, inciting hatred, racist or any negative remarks are to be ommitted from the forums. I am not so worry about this, because, I know there is someone monitoring or administring this forums site. Thanks very much to that person and the president of SAMORA.
I was told that the forum site is sponsored and was the idea from the president of SAMORA. Thank you Mr. Jelani Hamdan (President of SAMORA) for the job well done and for your contribution in SAMORA.
So now what? We should support this forum site. We should visit and contribute ideas and suggestion. The first thing you should do is to visit the forum site and register to become a member. There is no membership fees required, so I asume, it is free. One more thing, I think they should get a domain name for that forum site of SAMORA. Visit SAMORA official forum site >>> HERE
My 2 cents: I am thinking about joining SAMORA now  but there are still several other things that I need to observe before signing up to join this association.

Isnin, 6 Julai 2009

Isnin, Julai 06, 2009

Rungus to celebrate Pesta Magahau on big scale

Daily Express
Published on: Monday, June 29, 2009

Kota Kinabalu: The Rungus community will be celebrating the Pesta Magahau on a grand scale for the first time on July 8-9 at Matunggong town padang.

Organising chairman Thomas Arinjamal Mojingal said the time has come to promote the Rungus celebration of a good paddy harvest.

Normally, he said, the Magahau is celebrated at village level only, with the largest ever held at Matunggong district level in 2001.

"The idea to make the Pesta Magahau a State-level celebration has been in our mind for a long time but it never materialised due to some problems," he said.

But a meeting with Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun recently opened the opportunity for the Sabah Momogun Rungus Association (Samora) to organise the event together with Matunggong sub-district office.

Thomas said the Chairman of the Sabah Cultural Board (SCB), Datuk Wilfred Madius Tangau, has also encouraged the Magahau to be made a State-level celebration.

The Magahau, he said, has two highlights, namely the Mamapak Mindahu and Gimpuhut.

The Mamapak Mindahu, he said, is a ritual similar to the bambarayon (traditional ritual to appease the spirits) ritual during the Kaamatan Festival.

A pinapakan or small podium, he said, would be set up where a live pig would be tied in the middle as sacrifice to the mogolungung or God.

The second highlight, the Gimpuhut, is similar to the Unduk Ngadau.

However, Thomas said the Gimpuhut is slightly different because seven judges will be appointed to carry out the selection process.

"The winner will be based on beauty (anggun), discipline, intelligence, friendly attitude, costume and accessories, able to dance the mogigol sumundai, able to speak Rungus and understands Rungus customs," he said.

Unlike the Unduk Ngadau, he said, Magahau beauties would be required to "mix around" so that they could be judged on their friendliness with the crowd.

The final round of the Gimpuhut would be held in the longhouse where all of them would be judged at one time.

Because this is the first time the event is held in such a grand scale, he said it would be documented electronically and in print.

He said Masidi would be officiating at the event on July 9 while Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili is expected to attend on July 8.

The Magahau is traditionally held as a form to return some of the blessings the people received from their endeavours either in business or farming.

Thomas said it is also to provide an opportunity for the people to assemble and chance for relatives, family members and people from other villages to know each other.

"Informally, this would be a good opportunity for young people to look for life partner," he said.

Similar to the Kaamatan Festival, he said there would also be traditional sports, namely the mogoniu-koniu (mimicking of an eagle flight), mingranggou (walking on bamboo stilts and mangalasiu (the act of spearing an animal).

He said there would be cash prizes for the traditional sports.

Sabtu, 20 Jun 2009

Sabtu, Jun 20, 2009

Shame On You Rungus!!!

I found this article today, it was published in March 2003, but I think this article is still very relevant to us the Rungus people. I wrote about this subject (Rungus Language) previously. If this guy a European can speak Rungus language fluently why can't us, the Rungus people.

Our Rungus language is a very beautiful language. The only people who failed to realized about it is the Rungus people itself. I was thinking about organizing a forum or at least a dialogue to discuss about Rungus language but I really do not have the confident if anyone will be interested about it.

Title: Ever met a European who speaks Rungus?
Published on: Daily Express
Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Former missionary to Kudat, Karl Wilhelm Rennstich, projects an admirable enthusiasm for the language, which he claims to be difficult to learn but wonderful to speak.

It (Rungus) is more precise than European languages because it has a phrase for anything.

Each letter means a precise thing, he said to reporters some five days before the Pioneers Memorial Lectures for the 90th Anniversary of Hakka settlers in Inanam-Menggatal-Telipok.

He described the Rungus and Dusun people there as not technologically advanced then but being in possession of a philosophical culture that enabled them to communicate deeply.

They use stem words that if added with other sounds can be used to define a precise object or time, he said.

Karl learnt conversational Rungus within about six months while stationed in Tinangol and Sikuati during mid 1960s as a Protestant preacher and missionary.

Now, as a lecturer of Religious Science at the Basel University in Switzerland, he became very familiar with the settlement history of the early Hakka Chinese in the northern parts of Borneo.

He immersed himself in research while in Stuttgart, Germany and Singapore on the beginnings of the Chinese and Rungus churches in Northwest Sabah.

Together with Chong Tet Loi, writer of Hakkas in Sabah and Prof. Danny Wong from UM, Karl will be giving his viewpoint on the beginnings of Inanam, Telipok and Menggatal towns during the Pioneers Lectures near the State capital on March 14.

He remembers early on, prior to his transfer to Sabah as a missionary, that he wanted to learn more about the cultures and peoples of South East Asia.

I had some friends studying at Basel University from Indonesia.

So I was very much interested in going away from Germany for some time and learn other cultures because my Indonesian friends impressed me very much.

He remembers one day when the Protestants of Sabah wrote a letter asking for young theologians because there were no qualified pastors to help out there.

So I decided, ok, if not Indonesia, then Borneo is like Indonesia. So I came to Sabah, he said.

The years (1965-1972) that Karl was in Kudat, he said, taught him more than all his years at university.

All my teachers there couldn't read and write who were mostly old ladies, priestesses of the shamanism, their old religion. So I learnt from them.

He told of how when his eldest son died while he was there, the priestesses comforted him and helped him deal with that painful episode of his life.

It was then also that the cultural gap between him and the Rungus closed.

I can say I got much more development for my own person than I could give.

Karl said he wouldn’t have been so close to the Rungus, if he had not stayed and ate with them in the same wooden homes to earn their confidence

When I came they called me tuan. Thats how they call the white man. After some time, they no longer called me tuan, they started to call me amai, meaning new or adopted father, he said, thus removing his foreigner status.

I always say humbleness is the first daughter of wisdom, he said, revealing his attitude while living with the people then.

I was eager to learn from them and come to the same level as they are, he said.

Karl and his family became so familiar with the life there that even when they moved back to Germany, his children held on to the lifestyles there.

After his children requested rice for dinner every single day, he recalled and laughed at how his mother exploded and said how can anyone eat rice everyday?

He pointed out that one of the most important values that one can learn from the Rungus is their ability to listen.

I'll never forget that I learnt to listen while staying with the Rungus.

In order to be an elder among the Rungus, you have to know three things, three qualifications.

First, you must learn to listen very carefully.

Second, you must learn to hear very carefully and third, you must learn to speak when you are asked to speak, not before, not after. When you need to, he said.

To hear is not just about sounds. People usually have a different way of speaking so it is important to hear even the smallest sounds, he said.

He said, to listen was the most important thing because normally people do not say what they think.

So listen to see. I think one of the most difficult things in our lives is to be set back by show-offs in their speaking, he said.

Titles or pangkat, he said, impress people. But it should be the personality and behaviour of the person that shines through.

Rabu, 29 April 2009

Rabu, April 29, 2009


Several years ago I was approached by somebody (I don’t want to mention his name here) to join Sabah Momogun-Rungus Association or well known as SAMORA. I told him that I was not interested.

I came to know SAMORA long before he approached me to join it. Just that I failed to see the real direction of SAMORA. According to that guy SAMORA is an association for Rungus people, and mostly its activities are to promote Rungus culture.

I am all out for promoting Rungus culture. I believe promoting Rungus culture should start by encouraging the Rungus people especially the younger generation to speak Rungus language. I noticed that many of our young Rungus cannot speak the language. I can speak Rungus perfectly, I bet to my last dollar for it.

I wonder how to promote Rungus culture when the Rungus people itself are not interested to master their own language. We cannot expect the Chinese or Bajau to speak Rungus.

Another reason why I did not joined SAMORA is because the association was heavily infested with politically motivated people. They are fighting each other for important post within the association to shows that they have huge supporters and shall be appointed as candidate for election or something. Almost everybody in its committee is attention whore to boost their political image within the Rungus community.

Not that I hate politics, just that I am of the opinion that an association such as SAMORA shall stay away from politics and remain focused on the main objective.

So the end result is that the association become popular shortly just before the election. That is the time these people are bragging their this and that in the association to shows that they have a strong backing and influences in the community, with the hope some political party might be interested to pick them up for the election.

Until now this important association for Rungus community does not even have its own website. Type SAMORA in the google search box, you will find nothing. I wonder why an association that supposed to represent over 200 thousands Rungus people cannot afford a simple website not even a blog. I believe there is many updates about Rungus people can be uploaded in the website for Rungus people to see and read as well as for any other interested parties to make some research about Rungus.

Anyway I hope this association may evaluate its present position and goals.

Khamis, 16 April 2009

Khamis, April 16, 2009

Rungus Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in Thailand.

I stumbled upon this item when I was surfing the internet to do some research about Rungus community. It is about our Mr. James Rubinsin Kotulai. It appears that he have founded a company by the name Aparu International (Thailand) Co. Ltd in Thailand in 2006. He is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for this company. (If the above link does not work, you can search about this company by typing James Rubinsin Kotulai in the google search box)

Wondering about this company, I made several more clicks. The result shows that the main business of this company is in health products. I wonder what will be the problem if they just establish the company in Malaysia instead of Thailand. Isn’t much easier to market those products in Malaysia to your friends or to your community? He has a bigger network in Sabah than in Thailand. I am certain that Mr. James Rubinsin Kotulai has the answer as of why he chooses Thailand. May be we should ask him when you see him back in town.

So some details about the company are here….

"..Aparu International is a general trading company in Thailand. Some of our products are exclusively formulated by reknown manufacturers for our company and distributed worldwide. Currentlym we are exclusive distributor for several health and cosmetic products from USA and Korea.

Our exclusive herbal drinks that will enhance sexual desire for both men and women is called VGO Coctail. it is 100% mixes herbal drinks. We are seeking exclusive distributor in every country around the globe.

Our portable water ionizer called QQ Ion Water is the most convenient alkaline water maker with very competitive price. We are also an appointed distributor of plant-sourced calcium from USA. It has been clinically proven to treat and regain bone loss.

Our other rare health food called PROPOLIS PLUS. It is a balanced mixed of bee propolis and sea cucumber and approved by the Malaysian Ministry of Health and the Malaysian Islamic Development Department or JAKIM."

Back in 2006, I was approached by several people to invest in Mr. James Rubinsin Kotulai’s investment program or something. I forgot the name of the program but it was 100% similar to those of junk or spam e-mail you often received in your inbox and normally sent to you by scammer from Nigeria or West Africa. Something like someone inherited someone's wealth or property and they needs you to become their overseas partner to be able to release or claim the money or something.

I did not invest as I was skeptical about the whole thing. I was told that the group managed to accumulate huge sum of money. I lost track about what happened after that. I am not sure whether or not those investors mainly from Rungus community have received back their investment principal and the promised profit. Let me know if any of you have some light about what happened after that.

As a Rungus, I feel so proud that Mr. James Rubinsin Kotulai the CEO of the company founded a company in Thailand. Truly, Rungus can go global. Can we say “Rungus Boleh!!” now? I will reserve it until my good friend a journalist based in Bangkok get back to me about some information related to Aparu International (Thailand) Co. Ptd.

Isnin, 6 April 2009

Isnin, April 06, 2009

Brief Introduction About Momogun Rungus (In Malay Language)

I found this article in website. It is about some brief introduction and history about what is Rungus or momogun and where it came from. In my previous blog post, Mr. Herman in his blog at said something about Rungus is an immigrant in Sabah. It means we the Rungus people had migrated from somewhere outside Sabah into Sabah.

However this article about Rungus written by our fellow Rungus saying just the opposite. He said Rungus is the first community in Sabah. Both Mr Herman and this guy however failed to give at least some evident in their article. I believe this one was written based on story or tales he heard from our grandfathers or something. Whatever it is, at least some of us has the courage to take up the challenge to document our Rungus history for future generation. That is something we should feel proud about him. My sincere thanks for this guy.

Something we should take note that he was right in saying that most of our younger generation is no longer able to talk and appreciate our Rungus language and culture. I truly feel sad for that.

So here is the article about Momogun Rungus. I will try to translate it into English when I got some free time.


Apakah yang disebut sebagai Rungus? Momogun?

Masih banyak warga Momogun Rungus di luar sana yang tertanya-tanya,di mana asal usul saya? Apa legenda kaum saya? Laman web ini pastinya dapat membuat anda tertanya-tanya tentang apa yang menarik mengenai suku kaum Rungus.Bagi pencinta sejarah dan seni, maklumat yang dipaparkan dalam laman ini sudah pasti dapat mengupas persoalan anda tentang adat resam, kebudayaan, sejarah dan lain-lain lagi mengenai suku kaum Rungus yang terperuk di hujung Borneo ini.

Setiap butiran maklumat yang dipaparkan dalam laman ini amat berharga buat semua khususnya genarasi muda suku kaum Rungus untuk mengenali bangsa mereka sendiri. Jika kita perhatikan di sekeliling kita, kebanyakan generasi muda zaman sekarang sudah hilang identiti bangsa masing-masing. Contoh paling dekat adalah generasi muda suku kaum Rungus yang tidak tahu akan kebudayaan sendiri. Lebih menyedihkan lagi, ada yang langsung tidak tahu berbahasa Rungus sedangkan bahasa itulah yang melambangkan identiti mereka sebagai bumiputera Rungus.

Dalam era globalisasi ini,bangsa Momogun Rungus berada dalam persimpangan identiti. Bangsa Momogun yang dahulunya serumpun kini berpecah menjadi Kadazan Dusun Murut. Hanya Momogun Rungus sahaja yang masih menggunakan nama bangsa Momogun secara rasmi. Dalam persimpangan identiti yang dicetuskan oleh ketidaktahuan sejarah bangsa sendiri,maka lahirlah kekeliruan yang mendalam pada bangsa Momogun hari ini.
Menurut Dr. Jacqueline Pugh-Kitingan (1987) Institut Linguistik S.I.L melaporkan bahasa Rungus dipercayai termasuk dalam bahasa Austronesian keturunan Bornean dari keturunan asal Austronesian.Momogun Rungus kadang-kadang dipanggil sebagai "Momogun", "Dusun Dayak", Melobong Rungus", "Memagun" atau "Memogun" kadang-kadang juga di panggil sebagai "Roongas", "Rungus", "Rungas" dan "Dusun Laut".Semuanya merujuk kepada bangsa Momogun Rungus.

Asal perkataan Momogun di percayai dari segi kepercayaan Agama Labus (pagan) iaitu dari perkataan "PENDUDUK ASAL POGUN NABALU".Momogun diambil dari perkataan POGUN (Dunia). Rungus pula diperolehi sempena nama Aki Rungsud yang mengetuai Pompod Tana setelah diarah oleh Aki Nunuk Ragang.

Menurut mitos Agama Labus Momogun adalah hasil perkataan dari pekerjaan Kinoringan (Allah Pencipta). Ini kerana Kinoringan menaburkan bangsa Momogun di sekitar Gunung Kinabalu (Pampang Nabalu) dengan perkataan yang digunakan "NIASOK". Momogun adalah Asok pertama dan tiada lagi Asok yang lain selain MOMOGUN. Asok bermakna "menabur benih". Menurut kepercayaan itu Momogun adalah Sakag(benih tani) yang ditaburkan seumpama benih pertanian Tuhan sendiri.

Pasok Momogun bermakna "benih atau zuriat tetap bumi di bawah Gunung Kinabalu". Jika orang Momogun menanam padi di ladang mereka menyebutkannya sebagai "MANGASOK". Pasok Momogun merujuk kepada kepercayaan mereka dalam Agama Labus bahawa KINORINGAN sebagai pencipta segalanya di alam semesta dan "Zuriat pertama atau bangsa pertama yang direncanakan oleh Tuhan Pencipta" bagi menghuni kawasan Gunung Kinabalu sehingga ke pesisir pantai adalah Bangsa Momogun.

Momogun adalah satu perkataan yang membawa makna mempunyai kuasa ke atas tanah atau dunia yang Kinoringan mereka berikan pada bangsa mereka. Mereka menganalogikan pekerjaan Kinoringan seperti menabur benih maka jadilah perkataan "PASOK MOMOGUN RUNGUS".

Kita tidak patut persalahkan ibu bapa 100% jika generasi muda sekarang buta tentang adat resam dan kebudayaan bangsa mereka sendiri. Generasi muda ini sepatutnya tahu mengambil inisiatif untuk meningkatkan jati diri bangsa.Seiring dengan kemajuan teknologi perkomputeran dan jaringan maklumat di hujung jari, pencarian identiti bangsa itu sepatutnya bukan hal yang patut diremeh-temehkan.

Oleh yang demikian, laman web ini pastinya memberi jawapan kepada pencarian anda selama ini.Cintai dan peliharalah budaya kita..

Intutunai kondiri, ihimo kivusidwo..